“The Burkhart band is a powerhouse of melody, groove and orchestration. The band stretches out into some amazing jams, but not to excess, filled with both electronic soundscapes and Hendrix style leads. Kurt Burkhart vocalist/guitarist has a signature beat-driven funk guitar style and Burkhart's vocals are often described in the genre of Peter Gabriel or SEAL, with a melodic and raw intensity. Deric Morin lays out samples, loops, keys and percussion with lots of custom generated sounds, Michael "Gus" Agostinelli orchestrates hypnotic bass lines, and the powerhouse drummer MarkHughScaggs completes the lineup with his in-the-pocket groove! He is a real heavy hitter and moves the live show with his hard hitting old school grooves. The band is a definite monster combining both smart, catchy songs peppered with some great hot jam moments...this is a real must-see band! Burkhart live shows surpass their studio work, these guys are definitely world-class performers. ”

““Burkhart hail from Monterey and Los Angeles with a sound that is an eclectic mix of sounds like hear from the Chemical Brothers and The Beatles. Indie rock lovers and hip-hop heads alike can dig this band’s music that showcases electronica, hip-hop and pure rock. Kurt’s vocal style has been described as strong and soulful while his band backs him up with heavy hitting drumming, hypnotic bass lines, and funky percussion. Burkhart is at home at his favorite Monterey venue and ready to put his heart into every beat.””