Songwriter - Brandon Jeffries / Press

"Best Alternative Rock EP" Award Winner! - 2016

"Brandon Jeffries is a fantastic Songwriter and from North Carolina. His music crosses genres including Rock and Country and his sound has been described as gritty, infectious and real. New EP 'Future Classic' is his first self released, solo work and he spent a year wandering through many US cities to find inspiration. We love the EP and it definitely deserves a listen"

"There is a fine line between blues and rock and country sometimes, and Brandon toes that line and darts back and forth at times on this record, and the result is phenomenal."

"Brandon is the perfect example of why artists should maintain relative anonymity. He simply allows his songwriting to speak for him. There are very few artists I love enough to want all their music – past, present or future – but Brandon Jeffries is now in that category for me!"

"I think one of the reasons I’m such a fan and have such respect for what he has achieved here, is because not only does Brandon create the music he wants to, but does it with such passion, that it is hard to not appreciate it. The tracks portray a bluesy, Americana, rock and folk personality, which reveal some introspective and elegant song-to-song cohesion"

"Brandon Jeffries is the complete package for entertaining music and gripping-rock tunes that put out just as much distortion through the amplifiers as it does heart through the song-writing.." "No doubt in my mind this guy’s got super-stardom in his future – he’s done everything right here on this EP and I have every reason to believe he’s capable of taking it all even further as he continues to rock throughout the years to come."


"...from the urban jam of New York City to the sun of California, this is music about finding yourself and truly connecting with your thoughts, wishes and dreams."

"This is the type of music you miss from the 90's. Tell me how you feel. Real music. Speaks about something familiar."

"Right off the bat, I found Jeffries sound to be refreshing, even if it isn’t necessarily anything different or new. ‘Follow The Leader’ embraces a high level of pop sensibility, something that’ll be littered throughout Jeffries’ new record. The rock and alternative influence are more powerful with an incredible soundscape building over Jeffries’ acoustic guitar. If I was to align him with a popular contemporary, I’d argue he’s akin to Chris Cornell. He can rock out and build the aforementioned soundscapes, but below that, there's a singer songwriter who may indeed be more comfortable with an acoustic guitar."

"...each song possesses a massive-strength and perfectly-arranged hit-single potential. No joke – this guy has nailed it here with his soulful-singing matching the energy of his song-writing in jaw-dropping ways that really captivate the heart through his emotional performances on the Future Classic EP"

" ...I guess want I'm saying is Jeffries has a sort of depth to his voice which is not found in many of our mainstream artists today. I found myself listening to his entire EP, which I don't do often. I find many independent artists EP's, LP's and Albums to be very one note, I just want more. Jeffries provided me with the "more" I tend to be looking for..."

"Everything’ is one of the best songs on ‘Future Classic.’ This wonderful little love ditty is so well written and executed. I love the brass sections, the innocence nature of Jeffries’ performance, and his lovable scatting toward the end of the tune. ‘Everything’ is one of the most successful pop endeavors I’ve heard this year - it’s absolutely infectious."

"Finalist in the Fishman Southeast National Singer/Songwriter Contest in Atlanta, Georgia"

" "...making you smile is my only mission.." killer, catchy vocal work and a wicked good toe-tapping energy to "everything" bro...such a tight and rockin good playlist you got here..enjoyed discovering you!!

“Voted "Fan Favorite" @ The Rock Your Talent Showcase!”

Rock Your Talent Showcase, Atlanta GA (2014)