"The show was outstanding. The band sounded great. Guitar tones were defined between the two players, vocals were on point and the rhythm section killed it. ...Nice harmonies... Aside from how great the band was, I was really impressed with the amount of work that went into the show. I could tell [Bat On Fire] put a lot of thought into the whole presentation and put a lot of effort in to make it an awesome show and I respect that. From the first song to the last, it was a flawless performance. I could see the excitement in [the band members'] faces, and I loved seeing that. There's a lot of arrogance in [Detroit], guys get up on stage and expect a reaction but [Bat On Fire] didn't do that and...got the reaction anyway. It's very nice to see. I'm a fan and a believer in what [Bat On Fire] are doing right now and I wish [them] all the success in the world."

Rachel May (Music columnist) - Detroit Free Press

"Playing metal can be done in several fashions. Instead of choosing the easy way out, Bat On Fire focuses in on progression with harmonizing guitars and not-so-average song structure."

"Kinda has a Mastodon vibe to it...not as dirty. Nothing really like this in [Detroit] right now." (July 2009)

"Bat On Fire is pretty much just gonna destroy the world one day. If all of a sudden you hear dead air after ["Broken Trident"] is played, it melted the station..." - Dave M. and Phil K. on Static Noise Radio WXOU 88.3 FM

"If you haven't seen Bat On Fire live yet, go. They are worth the price of admission alone."

"Bat On Fire not only produce some of the area's best concept albums, but literally take their show to the next level. Unsatisfied with an ordinary local show, BOF promotes their Events as a happening in which their fans dare not miss. Assembling some of the cities finest talent is no easy task, especially when you set yourself up to follow each one of them, yet, BOF thrives amongst the giants of the city, welcoming the challenge that so many artists out there shy from. ...BOF brought in 7 of the best to share the stage, opting to hit the stage as the night's final act, and pulled it off as if they were headlining Coachella. BOF lit the Crofoot on fire, taming the large stage with audio and visual effects not usually seen at the local level...!! A genuine "Event" to say the least, and worth every moment we've waited, we'll be first in line to see these guys again, and you should be too!" - Detroit Rock Review (August 2010)

"[Bat On Fire] have gone to great lengths to create a completely original and entertaining production. It's obvious these guys put a lot into their albums, but it's their shows where it all comes to life. Their stage show is passionate, energetic, encompassing, and not to mention an incredibly theatric epic that will leave spectators inspired and drained. … Get to a BOF show soon and experience it for yourself." (January 2010)