Atom Eve Eclipse / Press

“Ominous Prog-Metal with Seattle-endorsed vocals and solid, thick production. Harmonies, sophisticated pummeling and intelligent, aggressive guitar thunder do this dance better than most.”

“Richmond, VA-based @AtomEveEclipse is a veteran rock quartet who has entertained crowds for nearly 22 years. The band’s sound is self-described as a hybrid that consists of equal, yet different contributions by each band member based on their own influences. When listening to Atom Eve Eclipse’s tracks, there is definitely a solid fusion of classic rock, grunge, and metal. Together since the 1990s, it is a formula that has clearly worked for them and moving forward in their careers, they obviously should not change a thing. At their ReverbNation page, the group has an array of their music on display. “Sacrifice” is a tune that truly within that brilliant fusion of classic and modern metal. “Unstrung” is another song that has a throwback vibe to the 1970s but would be a fit even on today’s rock radio stations. Other great tracks from the band include “Not My Day” and “Quake”. These tracks are on the group’s full-length albums, available at CDbaby.com and other on”

“These guys hail from Richmond VA. They tear it up with some groove rock, smooth vocals and crunchy guitars. Atom Eve Eclipse is one part post grunge mixed with some thrash metal and sprinkled with a little old school classic rock for flavor. Blend it together and you get pure uncut Rock and Roll!”

“Atom Id Pool - Heavy approach with Demonic vocals and a frenzy of Metal instruments supplying a (Alice In Chains) sound that is very distinctive metal on display. 4.5/5”

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