Asphyxian / Press

“once you put the headphones on or turn on your speakers, you will realize that it is not an album; this is a journey. Dark, legendary, romantic, wonderful.”

“How you guys managed to live so long, I mean, you guys formed in 1877 wasn’t it? Yeah, haha 1877. Well, everybody knows the story of our biggest escapade, the soul selling and the witch dealings.. After a century of rocking people so hard that they had to be institutionalized, we’ found ourselves getting a bit “Done in ” if you will, so in the mid 70′s will took up televangelism as a front, and started using the funds from that to launch a full scale voodoo anti aging operation. thus far it’s paid off”

"There aren’t enough words you can use to describe a band like this, all I can say is you MUST check out their music"

"In addition to offering up some eerie metal tinged swamp rock, Asphyxian excels at weaving gothic tales with their music. The band sounds like it could have originated in the Appalachian Mountains just as easily as it could have come out of the swamp. That fact that the band is actually based out of Ohio is something I frankly find baffling"