Ashes of Ruin / Press

"When you hear death metal or any of its offshoots, you either appreciate its technical precision or you hate it. Ashes of Ruin combines elements of that kind of metal with more melodic guitar leads, yet the rhythms are no less crushing, thanks to a pummeling double-kick attack.......The band's latest release, the We Must Protect Her EP, with its atmospheric nuances, displays a greater degree of musical sophistication than Ashes' earlier demos and takes on an undeniable buoyancy. This Commerce City band may be heavy, but it also has hooks and sonic gracefulness."

"One part of the song that veers into breakdown territory, but as is this band’s way they don’t fall into the rut others before them have done. Indeed, the song sounds fairly fresh and inspired......And the vocals! They are in a word - meaty. They stay in the lower end of the vocal spectrum with suits the band very nicely......They already have a leg up on some of their fellow countrymen by not following the tried, tested and boring as hell formula many feel the need to wring out further and I pray that they continue to stride down their own way......This band was a surprise to say the least. I expected terrible things and my expectations were rubbished pretty easily."