Apostle13 / Press

“As the last words were lifted up in the last set of the day at the 4th Annual Jesus Rocks The Redwoods!... this was the hardest set as it was the last, time had run over, and the sound was turned down. WOW is all I can say! What an incredible moment from an amazingly gifted by God band! I loved Apostle13! this group of godly men did not give in to its circumstances. They rose to the occasion and embraced what they were given for just what it was. If you had not already fallen in love with the Apostle13 men and ministry, you would have right here. The Holy Spirit lifted up the words and notes they offered as a sweet sacrifice of praise. I for one will never be the same! If you missed this moment at Jesus Rocks The Redwoods! and want to experience the Apostle13 ministry you will be happy to know God has allowed Humboldt County to be blessed by Apostle13 one more time, This Sunday as they open for the Rhett Walker Band at Faith Center Foursquare Church 1032 Bay St., Eureka, California”