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“Anonymous Willpower knows how to put on a show. And that's just what the band did in the studio recording this, its shiny new disc, "One More Medicine Show." The band brought the horny heat and simply pressed "record." That's not to take away from Don Anonymous' expert production and knob-twiddling. The song writing is vast and varied, showcasing the band's appreciation of any and all music that has any amount of shake appeal and soul.”

“Anonymous Willpower let go with a huge set (breaks are for pussies) later that night at the Dinosaur BBQ with a heart full of soul. The band rode the rollercoaster between Irma and Etta with an amazingly tight back beat. So tight, in fact, that it would've made Ike Turner slap himself. They wore the crowd out, up, and down. I dug Don Anonymous' parade-float head gear, I dug Suzie Willpower's vocal trips to church and the moon. Hell, I dug it all.”

“Anonymous Willpower has emerged as one of the most interesting bands on the scene. "It is at heart a soul band, especially early '70's," Anonymous says. But, he concedes, the band is quite a bit else as well: a knowledgeable yet natural cocktail of soul, jazz, funk, and blues, delivered with the punk and Goth of some of Willpower's past bands.”

"I was in Rochester and went to an open mic to check out acts," said Hardley. "Just before leaving Suzi came on and was bigger than life, so we had to stay to see what it was about. She hopped up on stage and captivated the room, so we booked her and her husband Don immediately. They just released a new CD, and it's first rate."

"When Anonymous Willpower's Suzi Willpower takes on a song! She sinks her teeh in and devours it. Once inside, itshowns her searing soul and guts before getting belted back out in a blast of psycho-sexual seduction and wail."... ..."Red, hot, and Blue".

"This band puts on a relentless show", "it will steam the wrinkles out of your shorts".

"The band slams down hard, a mysterious, stone faced man in a top hat on piano bench tickles some lines that fall somewhere between Professor Longhair and Ben Folds... With an explosively charismatic and life affirming delivery reminiscent of soul-powered heavyweights like Etta James, Janis Joplin, and Sharon Jones, Suzi Willpower wants you to get down, but she's also 100% serious in her mission to bring us a message from the furthest reaches of the galaxy." -Saby Davis, Jr.

Saby Davis, Jr. syndicated columnist - thehaywire.com

"...Don Anonymous (keyboards/top hat) - lays down a funky, irresistible r&b shag that'll rock your ass. But it's singer Suzie Willpower, that fine female found at the band's front end, that's a solid sender. She's a powder keg of pulchritude that sure doesn't sound blonde and white. Uhn!"

"Redemption, satisfaction, boners: Get drenched in the band's tight grooves. It's hot and loose. And just dig Willpower's voice as it loosens ceiling tiles, blows doors off, and shortens your trousers. - BY FRANK DE BLASE"

"...musical wrecking ball/chanteuse Suzi Willpower..."