Angel Bouchet / Press

“Note Portlandia photos containing Angel Bouchet and other recurring characters, musical duo Tuck and Patti, and Bassist Jedediah Aaker, alongside Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. -Angel http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/16/portlandia-art_n_4604484.html”

"While you may recognize her from all the time she spends at Women & Women First, stocking up on feminist reading material isn’t her only passion. When she’s not almost burning down bookstores, she’s tearing things up with her blues band..."

"renowned around portland, angel bouchet can belt a serious blues... if you look closely, you might recognize angel from another brief day job she held. a cameo appearance on portlandia."

"Angel Bouchet is a Blues singer who knows what the Blues is all about. I means playing bars (can’t say “smokey bars” anymore). Bars of the type that will never make it onto “Portlandia.” That’s where you’re liable to find Bouchet belting out Blues and pouring her heart out. There’s some Koko, some Etta and even Ella in there, but no imitations here. You better believe it..."

“...Angel Bouchet is not just another blues singer – she is an outstanding songwriter and performer. Weaving her way through the crowd at Gator’s, she personalized her delivery by approaching the tables of fans on her hand-held wireless microphone. She was obviously experienced with this technique and very comfortable with her banter and crowd control. The 9 p.m. downbeat of Rock Me Baby had dancers off their stools and chairs, with Bouchet’s gutsy, growling “dirty blues” delivery. Her original songs made up a third of the first set. A big crowd pleaser was Whiskey (“I’m gonna put you out on the porch ‘cuz that’s where dogs belong,” Bouchet sings.) Other excellent songs penned by Bouchet included Passionate Discussion and Fallen Angel, where she lightened up with a child-like intonation, nailing the pitches perfectly. Contrasting this tender delivery, she was back out in the audience on her wireless with “I got a story to tell you,” ...”

"If you haven’t yet caught Angel Bouchet singing around town, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. If she is not onstage fronting her own band, she is out and about taking part in the multiple jams going on around the city. Angel is a blues shouter in the first degree, think in the likes of Koko Taylor and you’re in the right direction. She’ll be fronting Her Stormy Monday Blues Band that is filled with exceptional artists including former Righteous Brothers’ guitarist John Arevalo, bassist Ben Jones who has worked with The Neville Brothers, and drummer Kathy Black. The band is currently working on a new all original recording, so expect many of these tracks to be included in their performance along with classic blues chestnuts the band is also known for. Be prepared to have a whole lot of fun with Angel Bouchet & Her Stormy Monday Blues Band."