AnOmali™ / Press

“I’ll like to thank you for signing my shirt at the Patti LaBelle Concert in Philadelphia. Also, when you become famous and loved by millions, please continue to be as energetic and sweet as you were that day. I wish you the very best, you are a great inspirational asset to the music industry.”

“Putting her heart and soul into every lyric, singing sensation AnOmali was a worthy opening act for the legendary Ms. Patti LaBelle.”

Editor - The Pulse

“Then Philly’s Zanzibar Blue: After Sunday’s show, we got to hear amazing gospel singers in the audience. We started to talk; they started to sing, then we all did til about 2AM. It was a special night. What energy & talent! (Their leader’s name is Tamíra 'AnOmali' DeVlïn-She's a FORCE!)”