“Amalgamation has been voted by readers and fans as "Best Band" in the annual SF Weekly's "Best of San Francisco 2015"”

“You guys keep the classic in rock while moving the music into a current, dynamic direction. Nice!”

-Ash, recording engineer - PopSmear Studios

“Maybe it's because I'm a big Patti Smith fan (I've seen her 3 times), but I LOVE your music. I not only hear Smith's influence in your songs, but there's no denying the elements of punk, protest, and emotional purging. Really great rock! ”

David Avery - Powderfinger Promotions

“In today’s world of pre-fabricated pop stars, it’s rare to find a band who’s unique style really ROCKS. Amalgamation resonates with soulful lyrics and intense music. Lead singer Robin Lovejoy captivates with a powerful voice that instantly draws you into Amalgamation’s Web. ”

Megan Lynch - Active Music

“Mystical and deeply relevant writing combined with the band's technical precision and singer Robin Lovejoy's encompassing range and power, Amalgamation brings us back to the roots of rock while pushing us forward into an important new construction of music. The group's live performance is unbeatable, offering power and subtlety with tunes that hearken to the best of Zeppelin and PJ Harvey, but elevated by the precious beauty of Lovejoy's voice.”

Kirsten Maynard - SONY Corporation of America