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"This “Atlas” Doesn't Shrug: Hear Alekhine’s Gun Slay Kings!"

“Alekhine’s Gun fall more into the American heavy metal grouping – both old-school and new wave of – than any other sub-genre. Sure, there’s a remotely Swedish sounding riff here and there, but for the most part you’ll find yourself thrashing like [early] Metallica, power-grooving like Pantera or brutalizing like Lamb of God. When you bring it as hard as these guys and gal, that’s really all you need: see Alekhine’s Gun live and you’ll be sold instantly.”

"I was able to get my hands on Alekhine’s Gun‘s EP, “Meditations In Wrath” on my last trip to New York and it’s been punishing my speakers ever since"

"Wrath wrapped in wrath"

Venerable Losang Tenpa - Shar Gaden Monastery, India.

“The spirit of NYC's metallic hardcore of the 90s, from Burn to Indecision, taken and shoved deep down the Death Metal rabbit hole! Frontwoman Jessica Pimentel is a force to be reckoned with.”

“NYC quartet Alekhine’s Gun presents an in your face four-track debut entitled MEDITATIONS IN WRATH. Melding old school death metal ferocity with a smattering of melodic heaviness led by the authoritative and confrontational vocals of Jessica Pimentel (“Vengeance”), this squad comprised of Big Apple scene vets unleashes a barrage of headbanging riffs (“Gutwrench”) and sick percussive fills that mercilessly mesh the metallic fury of Slayer, Sepultura, and Obituary to form a captivating and crushing EP.”

“Ever since I first paid real close attention to this song earlier this year (It had already been played live in 2010 and I was all about another song by this band) and felt the brutal truth of sacrifice which we all do as humans (and not necessarily regret but question in the future why we do this for them but to ourselves) I became obsessed with this song. The raw brutality of emotion (because brutality does not always have to necessarily equate to violence) was so substantionally beautiful I found myself waking up with it in my head...constantly wanting to hear it whenever my headphones were on...and to the point that I even had a vision of this song being the set-off song to the band's setlist for a live performance .I have stated before that I love this song. And even though there have been sooo many AMAZING albums and EPs released this past year. So,Tim No 37's song of the year for 2011 is "Gutwrench" by Alekhine's Gun .”

Tim Martinez - Tim No 37

“After seeing them perform live, and listening to their music over and over again, there is no doubt in our mind that as long as Alekhine’s Gun remains focused on their furious craft, they have the right artillery to take the world hostage!”

“A torrent of machine gun riffs and marching double kick drums give way to pure sonic mayhem. Their sound can be best described as an amalgam of blackened death metal (think BEHEMOTH), thrash and a few nods to New York hardcore..... One part PANTERA and two parts total evil. I will following their career with great interest and looking out for the full length in the future.”

“The band is fronted by bad ass, Jessica Pimentel, who is as ferocious, loud and outward as they come. Combined with talented musicians all around, Alekhine's Gun should have no problem raising heads in the scene this upcoming year.”

"This squad comprised of Big Apple scene vets unleashes a barrage of headbanging riffs (“Gutwrench”) and sick percussive fills that mercilessly mesh the metallic fury of Slayer, Sepultura, and Obituary to form a captivating and crushing EP."

“To be turning this many heads, AG is clearly bringing a high-energy musical assault wherever they go -- but the meaning behind their lyrics gives them an unusual twist.”

“One of the stand out support acts were Brooklyn’s own hardcore-thrashers, Alekhine’s Gun. The ‘Gun’ most definitely made the hometown crowd proud..... Alekhine’s main goal of the show was audience inclusion while of course melting faces. As they ripped through songs like “Bardo” and “Vengeance” you could tell the crowd was getting the band to turn the energy all the way up.”

“Brooklyn’s own Alekhine’s Gun blew fans away with their vigorous performance, as female vocalist Jessica Pimentel proved she could rock (and growl) with the best of them.”

“The old-school flavors of Down drowned in a sufficient fill of animosity and bridges burnt (remembered, and reignited through the metal medium) inspired lyrics topped off primal, relentless drumming and raw, Cavalera-style riffage. Their presence was electric: Alekhine’s Gun brought in the primal, seedy thrash,”

“I didn't know you could do that. You sound like a demon and very professional.”

Jessica's Mom - Brooklyn. NY

"A brutal UNSIGNED band called Alekhine's Gun, fronted by a TRUE Metalera Latina! They blend various elements of Metal & Hardcore very precisely, without ever losing sight of their musical sound.Check these badasses out!

"Blending elements of hardcore and death metal, ALEKHINE's GUN is a ferocious sonic assault that is catchy and guaranteed to make you move. The vocals are as tough as Walls of Jericho and as dynamic as Arch Enemy, watch out because theres a new badass chick singer on the block and her name is THE CRUSHER!"

Ian McHugh - Stifling Neglect

“ Jessica's voice crushes like a ten ton hammer!!!! With her leading the assault, the fast and furious Alekhines's Gun, are destined to shine amongst the best in the metal industry. Look forward to hearing more, more, more!!!!!!!!”

Phil - The Judas Syndrome

“My face is melted off!!”