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Anthony Jackson (DEMO REEL) / Press

“ Incredible music & artistry!!!”


“ yooo your stuff is sick!! im really diggin your sound. keep me posed. -NOVA”

NOVA (Producer)

“I love Body Rocket! Very catchy! ;-)”


“I love Realla Than 3D! Use it in my workout playlist - I wish it were longer! Great job Anthony!”


“ Love your stuff, dude, "Realla Then" is your ticket :)”

Raptor GMC

“ I like "the suits" song! #OverdriveGravityOnItunes”

Mimi Chiba ‏@MimiChiba

“Hi! I really like your song 'I got something', it's great!!! ;) ”



jo ‏

“Good news, AJ! You just sold "Realla than 3D". Good beat, can use it in my workout playlist! :-) ”

Iris M. Gross ‏@msirismg

“Hello there Anthony *waves*.... thank you for the new album it's a hit! Just wanted you to know I appreciate you and enjoy your music...keep it coming Mr. similiar soul! Much love to you and your family, wishing you continued success. Be blessed always. {{HUGS}} ”

“工 レov乇 ㄚ◯∪ @atonclassic ”

Tainara Barbosa ‏ @taihjaxn

“@ATONCLASSIC I would LOVE to wash your hair Anthony! What shampoo do you use? ;) ”

Jasmin ‏ @MissJasmin19

“@ATONCLASSIC incredibly sweet soul who's wisdom is beyond his years ~ Much Love ~ ”

~ Tori ~ ‏ @CaliTRose

“@ATONCLASSIC Wow...I just checked out some of your music, you can really sing...I wonder why i've never heard of you...you are truly amazing ”



Thank you for the support!

“Wow - your tunes blow me away! keep doing what you doing. amazing!”

Jen Twitter

“Thank you so much I just ordered 3Cds. :D … Sending you some Love from Sweden. – H ”


“Lets do Anthony a favor and turn it up!!!!”


“Excellent! A hip hop rocker who can write. You are miles ahead of the rest. Keep on keeping on! Best wishes.”

Magnificat Sonnets



“Your words are so true...! Your mind is magical :)”


“Music to my teacher's ears! You're a great guy Anthony! You're following in Michael's footsteps in so many ways.”


“Cool Songs you have here, i'm listening to several of them and they sound great !!”


“I'm listening to @ATONCLASSIC he has great music.”

Jennifer E

“I met @ATONCLASSIC when i was in LA Very very sweet guy”

Julie R.

“You're very talented! I'm looking foward to hearing the next album!”


“Awesome writing, composition, and depth...love it”

Vox Inertia

“I absolutely love your music and the positive vibes I get from listening to it! Stay you,stay unique & continue the legacy!”

J Harris

“Hi Anthony, your music is nice. I'm from Australia so if you ever come this way let us know. Love and shine!”


“Boy you remind me of your Dad ! xo”

Hazel Joy Gordy

“I know some day u will b known all over for ur kind heart and great music”

Patricia A

“It is always good to know, if only in passing, charming human beings. It refreshes one like flowers and woods and clear brooks. -George Eliot- Aton Classic is one of those human beings.”

Maestro Mikail Alexander

“I really love your songs. I think it's a good way to honor Michael. I whish I could met you”

Lydie Mameli ♥♥♥

“You have the soul of music work hard and you will see god bless you”


“I just fell in love with 'Last Star'!!! It's such a bright, light and great song, very positive and catchy)))!!!))) truly AMAZING”


“After you left FL yesterday many people started discussing you and your music..And I heard so many nice things..They love your music,Anthony and they love your spirit and your thoughts..So don't ever give up.Don't ever think that you're on the wrong way.Because you're unique,you always follow your heart,you're strong and this means that you are definitely on the right way.”

P. Faith

“For those who doesn't know Anthony Jackson, he is one of the most amazing and wonderful person i've seen, pure hearted person, simple and yet elegant, hearts full of love, eyes shining like a star, and most of all....... so kind and so humble. That's Anthony Jackson. =)”

Sally Sansan Garcia

“@ATONCLASSIC & Michael kids is bring #MichaeLegacy living.”

Cesar Montañez @CMCandThaMusic

“@ATONCLASSIC I love the way you think, so mature for a young man like you. Your a great example to the new generation. Love ya Anthony &lt;3”


“Stay on your grind. Your positivity shines like a beacon. Never doubt that you are supported in your endeavors. For real.”


“I love your music. I wish you much success, and pray a lot for your music to reach many hearts. Kisses.”

Kelly B.

“Your music is kickin it high with me and your look is Hot!! : 0”

Becky McC.

“Hello! Just showing some L.O.V.E. - do you ever do shows in S/B? I'd love to come see one of your shows :)”


“Anthony! :) You're the future.”

Marion Cousineau-facebook

“@ATONCLASSIC Lol Hii &lt;3 Sorry Juz Gt a Bit Hyped Up Afta Listenin 2 #Come2MyCity &lt;3 Frm Wat I Heard Dude Yur #AMAZING &lt;3 xx”




“All ya songz are on point bruh! keep doing what u do!”

Da_real_dj_v-nyce - ReverbN.

“i love see the light..and with goodbye i remember my mom... great!!”

Betsabe Salas-ASF comment

“I really dig your music and the lyrics are refreshing compared to most of the stuff u hear these days!”


“Hello Anthony u r an inspiration 4 all young adults. Album will b a hit! This is our next Jackson superstar! ”


“Congrats, and great song! caryn ”

Caryn West

“Yo really like your songs. They are dope. Make me feel good. Similar Souls is still my favorite song. Come to my city reminds me of Will Smith. ”


“I saw your vid! It's very cool! Nice:) Hope you make it to the top! :)You're very talented!”

Brenda B.

“I see every day your video and I am always charmed by you.”

facebook fan

“Wow, that’s really great! He can probably model on the side too, he’s so handsome!! ”


“Hey thanks for following me, YOUR THE BOMB MAN!! your a great rapper, you should be universal seriously.”


“Anthony's got talent!!! CHERRY14773”


“He's TERRIFIC!! What a great song too.”

“Hey Anthony, Loved the New Video. You Looked Amazing. Do You Know When You Will Have Your Album Done And Tour Dates Planned!? Love You. Always Know You Have All Of My Friendship, Love And Support. ♥ Many Blessings Always. Love Steph.”

Stephanie Truscott Ramirez-FB

“@ATONCLASSIC I've seen over n over. Its so nice ur new video. Ur creativity is amazing. I cheer for ur activity. ;)”

“I love that new video for "Come To My City". Thanks for sending it to me. I hope the family is well. My love always Anthony. Stay well.!!! Please think about touring Australia. I know they would love you here. It would be good if you came over with Janet or Jermaine one day. ”

NickJames77 -Twitter

“Babe, You've always got the Support of Your Uncle Mike's fans!! You're just as talented, creative, and artistic as Any Jackson~ Sending all my L.o.v.E and Hugs!! xoxoxox So in love with this song... ”


“Hi. I love your work. His voice is very beautiful.Congratulations♥”

Maria Rodrigues


Kerstin Schnötzinger

“hey how are you? It is not my way of saying something like that, but I've seen your video and I think you're really charming eyes and lips. ”

“You did all the video by yourself and the song?Your really amaazing!”


“‎Aton Classic very very very very nice!!!!! (CTMCity)”

Francesca L.

“I showed the video for my lil cousin and he was impressed! He said "awesome,Can I see it again?" hahaha (CTMCity)”

“Anthony! This deserves more than a thumbs up, this is golden. Magnificent job, props to you dear.”

“Well, I've been watching music videos since before MTV, and the video production here is top-drawer! Well done, AJ! As to the song, well, it is hip-hop and I'm really not into that genre, but you spit well. I'm definitely a "melody" person, but who knows, you might convince me that there is some rap worth listening to! lol Keep up the good work and master that uniqueness! ”

“I love that "Come To My City" went on youtube on my B-day. this song has #swag <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlI41MWpVRA @ATONCLASSIC”


“you look very cool,I did not know you could Rap too! I like this video.”

“your new video is really cool”

Lydie Mameli

“ You need to be a model. You look great!”

“My neighbor is listening to Come to my city hahah too loud hahaha”

Paula A.

"Congratulations! Your what music needs! Nowadays, an artist is recognized by how many fans he has,but this is just an illusion. I cheer for your professional and personal fulfillment. Remember the important thing is not how many people scream your name, but how many really care about you! It is common for artists to smother the day! Rise above Aton!"

“I wish you a very good year ahd i hope you realize your dreams ! A lot of kisses for this new year ! :-***”

facebook - Angélik Fossé

“I feel honesty in your words cuz' you live by them, :D you are a role model!! :) LOVE you”

Facebook - Brenda G B

“I aint gon lie fam your musik hottttt, keep doing what you doing, keep pushing yourself cause I have a feeling that you will make it. As you can see I’m already your number one fan, most musicians rather hate on you when you doing good instead of encouraging you but im not like dat. ”

“wow. That was a good vid. I really liked it. You are a very good video maker :D Keep it going.”


“I guess you've heard it thousand of times but I'll repeat it again! I am so happy that you are who you are.You are a unique person,you do and you think good,you are kind,talented and you have light inside you.The light which Michael had.The light that is still with us even though he passed away. I know for sure that God will always be with you and will show you the right way in your life and you'll achieve everything you want.No matter what happens in your life today,just keep in your mind that new obstacles make us wiser,stronger,helps us to develop us. And the most important thing I can feel that you are sincere,you are not pretending to be,you are real.And it's very rare,especially when a person is a public figure. I wish you a wonderful day from the bottom of my heart. Sending you smile and the light from my heart that appears every time when I think that there are men like you in the world. ”

Facebook - Polina Bulatkina

“just wanted to say how much i enjoyed "WORKING MAN" is your album out yet?”


“Love you guy! Can't wait to hear more songs of you :) Love from France”

“I just got 2 songs from Itunes!! Wahoo.. Jackson force runs through your blood...”


“YAY! I Just bought 8 of @ATONCLASSIC Song's :) .. *Great Feeling*”


“Hey Anthony I wonder if you will see this I just wanted to tell you your amazing and i love you. your album is amazing and so are you cutie!”


“Why do I like Anthony Jackson? Whether I am listening to your music, looking at your pictures, or reading your posts I can feel and see God's love in you. Your personality is warm and fun, uplifting and sincere. Your music satisfies the soul. It is vibrant and happy. I also love the way you make your fans feel like they are as important to you as you are to us. God bless you Anthony! I look forward to seeing you shine your own light. I should have said your light become brighter because you are already shining your light.”

Kim Bailey

“When you get up today, think this: You were born into the worlds most loved family, but me, personally find you, yourself,to be an incredible young man. I know they are proud of you as a family, but I am your most proud Puertorrican fan. Plus your cute too. *Smile* God Bless You.”


“ATON CLASSIC In loving memory of my father Tony Jackson and Michael Jackson. Thank you for all of the love and a galaxy full of memories. I miss you both very much! Love always”

Anthony Jackson

“Wow man youre amazing, the more I listen to your songs the more I fall in love with it!”

Ali Joseph Güney

“Ok...my playlist is : 1 : Interstellar cowboy 2 : Game on 3 : Come to my city (Okkk I'll come home to you hehehe ;) ) 4 : Onward west 5 : Keep doing what you're doing 6 : Similar soul ( I hope so! lol ) Just kidding Anthony ^^ ! ♥”

Arie Paradis

“Let's give a shout out to Anthony Jackson. Michael Jackson's cousin...you know what..hes a great guy. He's a very intellegent great guy and he's doing music....talking to anthony and listening to his music was amazing. You can tell he was a Jackson.”

LACRAspeaksout 12/04/10 10:54AM

“Hope to see you soon on TV! Much love to you, Anthony! God bless..”

Liuba G.

“Love your style. It's very classy and tasteful. You belong on the RED CARPET!”


“Very inspirational words you speak and a true talent in your own right, regardless of your name. MJ was the first person to truely inspire me and I think that today you may have just joined him. Are you releasing to CD, or are you solely online?”

Melanie Murrell

“i luv your album!”

Daja J.

“God bless you Anthony. Keep climbing the ladder to success and stay awesome. Michael would be proud of you. Have a great night :)”

Judith A. Anne

“I went to my friend's house today, and she was listening Come To My City....hahaha That was awesome!”

“I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history ... I believe. I'll be there when the time comes L.O.V.E”

“You're Michael's 'little' treasure, he must be very proud of you.”

Ayko Yamato

“I just want to take a moment to wish you a successful singing career, you have a beautiful tone to your voice! And I love the scenery in your similar soul video.....where did you shoot that? Very beautiful and relaxing.........keep it up! I look forward to hearing some more from you. :) Take care”

Melissa :)

“I sent your myspace to a lot of my friends and all of them liked ur music!”

Isabella R.


Copyright © 2010 Aton Classic. All rights reserved.

“Listening to Aton Classic . OMG!!! SUPER AWESOME! I just love it. My fav is "working man"... but i love "spice" and "come to my city" and "keep doing what you're doing"... OKAY, I love all his songs. His voice is so addictive :)”

Isabella Rodrigues


Danube Serri

“i like your music. so when do you plan to release your cd? im a music freak. i have a case that holds 250. ill save a spot for you. keep it up. we need strong people like yourself”

Christia​n Collier

“I am listerning to your music now. It's great!”

Daniel D.

“Your music touched me!! Very nice voice. God bless you.”

Pascale K.

“I think your great about time we had some good artist out lol”

Jessica J.

“sei bello come il sole ”

Eleonora T.

“hey Anthony:) OMG you're so awesome! i love how your music is POSITIVE unlike the things currently out. great to have u as a friend on here & facebook & also im following you on twitter you rock & i can't wait for your album.”


“Hey man, i added u and so yesterday i visited ur myspace and i listened some of ur musics, i love them good job man. Can't wait to hear more”


“Really cool stuff in your space.. congratullations, your music is great.”

Viba sound

“Beautiful voice.”


“Aton Classic - ROCKS!!!!!!!”

Judy N.P.

“Cool let me know when the album drops cuz I want it :-)”


“I love your songs...I think each song is unique in it's own way...was wondering if you're doing any gigs any time soon?”

Wendy Todd

“I will grab it when it releases in the store yuh got some mad tunes Keep it up”

Melissa Vlachos

“Hi, I listened to your music on youtube yesterday and it was awesome. Be proud of yourself. Good Luck. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I hope you succeed.”

Judy N.P.

“love come to my city!:) keep on rockin ♥”


“I am loving your style... You are superstar material. ”


“With ur talent bro u will make it no doubt..i heard few of ur beats a while back...they doope..let me know bout dat new song..”

Roy S.

“Do you do concerts? If not, u should....keep up the good work!* I really enjoy it!!!”


“I'm telling you, stay grinding man you got something doggie! You gonna do very huge things my brotha. Let the laggers lag while you show off your swag baby ”

J. Steez

“your musics tight. its sick how you rap and sing cuz not many people can do that ... i liked "come to my city" the hook was on point and the beat was fire.. sounding good man”

Dominick D.

“I'm fondly attracted by anything having to do with the astros, astronomy is one of the things in life that motivates me to be who I am. I am totally loving the connection with your lyrics.....”


“Wish you lots of luck and success! Hope you let me know of any gigs you have in the SoCal area, I'd love to watch you live.”


“nice grooves here, makes us feel like hittin the town/streets.”




“congratulation aton, great talent, and amazing, music, hugs, peace, god bless.”


“Hello Anthony, I listened to some of your music again tonight and it is beautiful. Keep up the good work and someday you will be up on that stage getting a Grammy just like Michael did. God Bless you!”

Judy N.

“raise a glass free style and working man are my two favorite songs. the other ones are good too. do you got a youtube? because if you do i want to add you to my friends and if you have any of your songs on there i want to put them under my "favorites" section! =D”


“Unique master of rhythm and cosmic energy vibration with the pulse of life as a guiding force, laser light penetrate this night and reveal the path.”

Dendra Profitt

“hey! just wanted to say that i love your music, it's real fresh and somethng different to listen to. it seems like there aren't enough original people out there. everything is starting to sound the same. keep it up! i look forwart to hearing more from you! and i also want to wish you the best!”


“hows your album coming along?? do you have a release date for it yet?? peace”


“im feelin' the player! good vibe, keep hip hop alive. & much props”

Krime Cleargates

“your music's ill.”

melissa dawn



“yea mayne you got a certain unique twist on the music man, im diggin it, keep it fresh like a slice a pie from grama!!”