AyeDren / Press

“Talents...Gah-lee-Ga-lor... amazing.”

LueX Productions

“Bro You would have stole the show if that verse would have been on that Shady Cypher lol. Thats why I am loving R-Nation. I am finding Amazing talent on here. Bro you go HARD!!!!”

“G'Day A.D. Kewl flow n Rhyme love your work m8-) your fans in Australia Jamie n STonKA”

“Loving the beats! Love the music! The lyricizing is outstandingly precise! Play on in greatness!”

“Can't fault your sound or your lyrics man, excellent and original”

“Your music is so cool! It's a very unique mixture of different sounds. It's really fun to listen to :) It makes me want to dance.”

“Ur music is tight!! off the hook. Im an exotic dancer n i got up n started dancing when i listened to ur songs. love em all”

Amber Belman

“solid production work man. respect from chicago to ya. g”

“Sweet! Listening to Money Hoe right now. Dude- y'all spittin' rhymes there's no tomorrow, and the chorus is one of those "stick in your head" (money money hoe...)!”

"MONEY HOE" is what's up! Impressed as a MF. I dig it a whole lot. Would love to see us do a show together. The contrast of HIP HOP and HICK- ROCK would be the shit!

“'Just Sayin'' great word skillz on the rap, nice syncopated phrasing. Cheers - TPK”

“hey juz downloaded your songs great music I'mproud of you as a pinoy! any plans of touring in the philippine ?”

“wicked tight flo and crunchy, big beats for "college kid" and "just sayin"..shiny skillz bro!!”

“Great music, lyrics, production and loads of talent here. Listen to All...so cool!”

“Great stuff. love FIRST WORDS with the japanese Koto instrument and your melodical rap.”

“Got some of your good music booming in my headphones right now. :D Good stuff man”

“your rhymes are off the top....lovin the flow you got...that freestyle is def the favorite.”

“dope tracks love swag x8 keep up the good work.”

“Exceptional, cool rhymes, great originality, nice work!”

“dude, I love every single one of your uploads! favorite is the first words I think :) your attitude is on point!”