Kronik: ADOPEMC / Press

“Bro, nice mixtape!!! Keep it up bro”

“bruhh bruh kronik...what its gone take to get one of yo beats??”

“i'm feeling the mixtape homie, i damn near played out "You can believe it & "Ride" lol”

“#np im the man & my boy Darryl Cunningham said "im the man like a woman aint & i like to ball like a square cant" lmao boy u had me weak w/ dat 1 but yall boys went ham s/o to my boy Kronik Magnolia too!!!”

“boy ya mixtape cold like det mc flurry gucci put on his face lol !!”

“Bruh U killin this mixtape! I wish more folks would just listen and give it a chance. Im talkin bout Da Reintradukshun. Listening to Kronik & More next.”

“so im coolin today on the southside...i hear my song "IM THA MAN ft .Kronik Magnolia" rite..and its a ring tone...and the white dude let it play then called em back afterwards...my pops my witness...#imwinning”

“Haters want me to stop but to listen to they advice, I would have to pay attention and I can't afford da price @Kronik2Ks”

"I'm too restless to have time for snoozing" @Kronik2Ks

“@Kronik2Ks verse on Power just gave me chills lol... #thetruth”

“Ay nah...Dopeman by @Kronik2Ks is fie as fuck”

“check out my boy @Kronik2Ks mixtape..kid got talent”

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“Paused this F.A.M.E to play The Reintradukshun mixtape..."We starving n we never get full..." @Kronik2Ks”

“@Kronik2Ks new mixtape supa str8...its a must have str8 up”

“If u ain't got dat new @kronik2ks u need 2 b on it str8 up”

“RT if u listened to @Kronik2Ks 's "Kronik & More" mixtape??? u truly sleepin if u haven't man...”

“Check my nigga @kronik2Ks mixtape out at he a lyrical genius i promise http://t.co/tD0LgeL via @DatPiffMixtapes”

“yall slept on my nigga @Kronik2Ks mixtape classic #Reintradukshun”