As Darkness Falls / Press

“In their 4 years together, Chaos Theory has become one of the biggest and most popular hard rock/metal bands in the Metro Detroit area. Nominated for “Outstanding Hard Rock/Metal Act” for three consecutive years in the Detroit Music Awards, Chaos Theory has sharpened their metal with regional touring. Fans and radio stations are taking notice garnering packed live shows and airplay on numerous broadcast and internet radio stations across the country.”

"2nd Annual Fall Metal Festival Dominates The Emerald Theatre on Saturday December 4"

“We all know that changing line-ups can spell disaster for a band, but that's far from the case with Chaos Theory.”

"Kiss must have known what they were talking about when they said Detroit was the Rock City. This weekend the city will host the 2nd annual Fall Metal Festival."

"Leading the mob of metal are Chaos Theory and Hell Rides North, who are returning for a second year, while Mound Road Engine, Burn the Hearse, Aventity, Mob Local and Black Dawn are new to the festival."

"A mass of molten sounds will fill the Emerald Theater in Mt. Clemens on Saturday as part of the 2nd annual Fall Metal Festival, featuring a mix of hard rock, metal and old school thrash from a batch of local bands."

"Pure Detroit Metal. It once meant something put out by Ford, GM or Chrysler. It was also a product that was tough, enduring and the best there is on the market. Well, all these things are true today except for who it comes from. If you want something with all these qualities there is only one source of pure Detroit metal and that is from the band Chaos Theory."

"One definition of Chaos Theory states that a very small occurrence can produce unpredictable and sometimes drastic results by triggering a series of increasingly significant events. This seems like an apt description of the band with the same name."