A Beautiful Disgrace / Press

"First off, I tried to catch you on Saturday night to finally meet you in person...but you were too busy and I don't like interrupting. Second...thank you so much for the stellar show! Finally got to see ABD perform...it was phenomenal! !! You ran a smooth show all around. I was thoroughly entertained. Please let me know upcoming events so I can share them on my Sunday night radio shows and here on facebook. Let the guys in ABD know that we (T-Bone and I) would love to have them on the show sometime."

Jeff Reeb Cleary - Jeff Reeb Live Entertainment

"I got to say what a awesome show last night from the start with Overload Houston to Fear of the Known Carranza A Beautiful Disgrace Shaving Susie Inner Image - Houston, TX till the end with The Hunger Every single band brought there A game with incredible performances.. The Crowd all night long was electric. A.D. Rowntree was a awesome! The Gsptv Houston No Cover Houston magazine teams made me proud……."

John Janatsch - Gsptv Houston

“I have to say last night's show was, shall I say, Epic! All the bands, RPM, Aliah Listens, Knocturnal Maddness, A Beautiful Disgrace and Downfall 2012 all did great! The crowd was off the chain! It's moments like that that I love showing Houston how the scene really is alive! Also thanks to Michael Kehoe, the guys from Witness To The Fallen, The Apostles, Chubbs Malone and Lance Klepper for supporting the scene also! As always a huge thanks to the crew of Acadia BarandGrill for letting us have a home at your venue! Keep supporting the scene everyone!”

Epic Texan - DJ 13stepsradio.com

“For those that came and conquered tonight in this little hole we call The Grindhouse. I salute you all. You came and you rocked like motherfucking champions. Hope you dug the BBQ too.To all that listened and endured the madness, you got to hear some of the most epic things sounds, and you will never get that back, so reap your glory.”

Tommy D Kat - DJ Rock101klol - The Grind

"A Beautiful Disgrace is disgracing my radio stream \m/"

Tommy D Kat - Rock101KLOL - The Grind

“WOW, what a party. Our Customer Appreciation Day was a huge hit. The band, A Beautiful Disgrace, was absolutely great (as usual) and the entire crowd had a great time..." "A special thanks to A Beautiful Disgrace for their show and continued support of The Dam Ice House" ”

The Dam Ice House