9 Penny / Press

“Take metal and rock cover band 9 Penny along with popular tribute bands Blue Oyster Culture Club and Dolewite, and you’d have just about all areas of classic popular music covered. Touring around the area for about a year, the St. Joseph rock quintet covers everything from the songs of Guns N’ Roses to Tesla to Genesis. “Three of us have played together before years ago," drummer Everett Jonas said. "I tell you, this time around, it is just a blast. We do it just to have fun. There's no egos.” Inspired by rock ranging from the ’70s to the early ’90s, Jonas says the band wants to play songs that will make people sing along and dance. “We’re a band geared towards the hard rock fans, not so much the death metal or things like that, your Guns ‘N’ Roses, Tool, AC/DC-type stuff,” he said. The fact that they’re a cover band, among many, in St. Joseph is not lost on Jonas. Playing shows like one last week at Amnesia Too and at 10 p.m.”