Nine Lies / Press

" Nine Lies- stuttering drums n bass with cyclical guitar riffing and hollering vocal on top making for a funk tinged alt rock/pop with one foot in Zep and another in Kasabian!"

"Nine Lies - Sounding Absolutley Brilliant!"

DJ Johnny Hero - Downtown Radio

"A new favourite band in Nine Lies"

DJ Khiki Kavanagh - Indie Limelight show

"We highly recommend this song and this band. They've got their creative hand on the pulse!"

Meermusic FM Radio - Meermusic FM Radio

"Rock act Nine Lies seemed more than willing to electrify the atmosphere with their solid set of tunes and they benefit greatly from their charming front man Stevie Mann. They delivered a consummate and commanding performance for the duration of their show."

Edwin McFee - The Big List - Issue: 212

“With their fast and hard sound, Nine Lies are making waves and getting ready to break out. They are "absolutely brilliant".”

Karen J. Brady - Celtic Music Magazine

“Bon album rock, excellente qualité sonore, très bonne voix et très bonne musique. Parfaitement correct !”


“Love the energy of this song! They've got their creative hand on the pulse, so to speak, and their performance is right on the ball. (On We R1)”

Meermusic FM Radio

“I listened to 'Slippin Away' and was blown away, it is so catchy and powerful. A lot of music I hear is missing powerfulness, it is missing that gut, goose bump rising, feeling. Nine Lies' music gives you that FEELING!”

Billy - Indie Shows

“I WAS AWED! Nine Lies definitely rock! The vocals and instruments compliment to create a sound that creates a feeling of subtle seriousness to the message of the song. They deserve to have a big name in the music scene."”

Jodelen Ortiz - WikiMusicGuide

“A Modern, Yet classic Uptempo Guitar Rock Album, with big riff's and subtle moody ballads. This album has it all. with every song a potential smash single."”

Paul Smith - Telegraph