8stops7 / Press

“8Stops7 is unattached and arena-ready. Get it.”

“Not every band can release an album every 5-7 years and keep the same consistency and familiarity as they had on day one. Not to say they’re not evolving, they’re just doing things right.”

“This record [Fables], like all previous efforts by the band, culls from myriad sources– the band’s style varying from track-to-track with an impressive abandon, ignoring the need to be easily cataloged or cross-referenced. This is a group that relishes their unique sound, and executes it to devastating effect on this record. Hard-rock at it’s finest.”

“...can perform as either heavy or laid-back with equal ability. Neither end of the repertoire is gratuitous. No token ballads and no token anthems are anywhere to be heard...”

Chris Smith - Houston Press

“8Stops7 is hard rock, but a lot different than most hard rock. The music is intense and passionate, yet melodic and understandable...impressive lyrical ability and musicianship...”


"In Moderation was -- and, 9 years later, still is -- the quintessential modern rock album. Every element to this album is nearly perfect, from the mood-setting thrashing guitars to the chilling vocals from Evan Sula-Goff, from the pulsing rock anthems to the moving ballads. This album was crafted with obvious care from top to bottom, from track to track... Each song is a story that draws the listener in and envelops them in a style that is uniquely 8Stops7's own. "