8LB Pressure / Press

“8lb Pressure took the back stage, with lead singer Brandon Seymour owning the stage, the audience responded to the bands sound, Quickly filing the back stage area, with over 500 fans in the backstage area, 8lb Pressure put on a show national acts only wish they could do. Seymour kept the audience rocking from the first song though the entire set.”

“Around Midnight, 8lb Pressure, a Columbus favorite, took to the stage. Bringing their thing, it always feels like a fresh experience, and never gets old. Brandon's voice always gets to me...in a good way. I love to hear him sing. He has a vocal talent that can place him in any genre of music, to which he would excel. The band has killer stage presence, and killer tracks. I myself have still got to catch up with the rest of their fans, knowing the melodic metal songs by heart. I enjoyed watching the crowd sing along with almost every song, which each are well-composed. But this isn't campfire music. This is aggressive rock n' roll. This is 8lb Pressure. ”

“On Oct. 16th at the A&R Bar and The Basement, the underworld converged to celebrate the macabre as well as the talents of those with a taste for the dark. SynerFest - The Dark Side of Art - Oh, on top of all that there was 17 bands, and actually all very good at their respective genres, including Noise Auction, Curse Icon, Dirty Box, Bless The Child, The COAST, Hour of Shame, Sever, 8lb Pressure, O.P.M., The Council, Eyes Stained Black, Nerd Rapper - Huge Euge, Further Lo and much much more.”