GIM$ (808 LAVA Squad Mafia) / Press

“In my opinion, I get a Tech Nine type of vibe when I listen to GIM$, and “Hearsery Rhymes” has solidified this for me. The song starts off with a “cadence-style hook” and then goes right into a fast-paced lyrical verse. I also get a sense of Kendrick’s attitude through GIM$ in this track, similarly to how Kendrick essentially called out other rappers to step their game up. When I spoke with GIM$ about this track, he was inspired to write it because he generally feels that rappers are “getting soft.” He feels that as “music production becomes more accessible, more rappers automatically think they’re hot when they’re not. I’m just here to level up and open up the playing field.””

“Andrew Curimao is a talented upcoming artist. Personally, he has networked with Legendarybeatz for years now and we have seen him grow and excel. Andrew has performed shows and has uploaded his newest track “808 Party”. This track is by far one of Andrew’s best tracks.”