7venCity / Press

“When you get the chance check him out. Y'all know I never been a real rap fan, but loving the music. Plus you come a long way a lot of people admire that. A true hard worker SevenCity Keem definitely Worth y'all time! Like it.”

“Wow. I love it. I was smiling the whole time because it was just that good. It's been a long time since I felt like this. Thank you.”

"FEEL ME" - This joint is dope, I had this on repeat for a minute just zoning to it

“this mixtape is dope. The emcees are fresh and spit really good lyrics over a lot of dope tracks. This is definitely something you shouldn't sleep on. ”

“Ron Shulaunt & 7venCity (aka Young K). They are both up & coming artist from B-More who are starting to make alot of noise in this city with the release of their debut mix-tape “When It’s All Said and Done”. With both of them being in their early 20's and having such a great work ethic, I see great things for them in the future. ”

“there are some new mcs to consider in your evaluation of the best in baltimore: Ron Shulaunt & Young K (now known as 7venCity). check out their epic, debut mixtape "when its all said & done" http://bit.ly/9f9p3u & OPINIONATE them.”

“Me & my bro last night after performing down KOD .. #respect for this nigga @7vencity ”

“Me and Young K (now known as 7venCity) go way back..he's one of the people i looked to for advice back in my early stages production....Make sure u check out this hot bmore mixtape”

“German Blogger says strong debut mixtape!!”