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"hound dog" sounds great, maestro!!!! an auditory experience on headphones... like music in 3D... nice country rock flair to go with your ever present avant-garde, free style... loved it... your huge fan, da boi d

“maestro... love "step of faith"... so funky fine... you are one of a kind.... reminiscent of Steely Dan... your huge fan, ya boi d”

“Mr Beatstreet times seven, you are off the chain, you have a style all your own, sorta like a chocolate nuclear factory being bombed with cheeze whiz carrying mutant rabbits. Thank you for what yourself describes as unreal. unbelievable job.”

“You are amazing. 'Rain' seems to fall down on me, all around, sliding off me. Slosh, slosh, slosh, whoosh. Master of sound! ~ M”

“Excellent. Very Great Work. Super Band. Thanks for becoming a fan. We sincerly appreciate your support and Nice Comment. Cheers.”

“Into your darkness! Woow! That´s excellent! Best singing & playing!:-)”

“Beautiful creativity in RAIN FALLS DOWN. Energy and beauty combined.”

“ღ hi hii Dan, , *thank you* for ur visit!! ✿◠‿◠) i have been enjoying my stay here immensely on this Sunday ♪❤♫ *WWowW!! 200 songs in ur music catalogue n talents!! ♪(^_^)♪ * when i say i have enjoyed my stay immensely, that is because my headphones n ur outstanding music has *Rawked* my socks of to 30 of ur songs!! ღ'Extra Dry 'Sweet,Sweet Beer' is a beauty!! love the acoustics n dynamics of the whole musical brew n ur voice n deliverance!! really appreciate the use of reverbs, natural n gently introduced to the sweet mix, the story n compelling performance musically is thirst quenching which means i need more n have downloaded ♪❤♫ also ur *awesome* song ‘full moon tonight’ is in my shopping cart ♪(^_^)♪ (¯`♥´¯) .✫´ `*.¸.*´♥¸. * * till next time my friend Dan *thank you*!! *✫¸.♥✫ ♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ”

“You are genius..that's it!!! Your fan Jean:)”

“Hey..now I realized..you are that guy who collaborate with Ellen..do you yourself realize how excellent guitarist you are? I have mentioned many times this to Ellen. You play like Jimi Hendrix and you have an endless ability to create different sounds and songs..I am also a guitarist I know what I am talking about..going to fan you with my two other channels too..have a great day! ps I come from Scandinavia not from Florida:) Jean”

“What happens when you take rock that is so hard a cat can't scratch it, charge it will a million volts, melt it with radiation and heat it to a million degrees? It shines like "Sides"Creature" after what 7th BeatStreet did with Konphikt by Rybird. Posted By: Rybird on December 02, 2013 - 5:18PM”

“Streamline: stop press: Now BETTER than Jagger! I heard him at Glasto last week (but Hyde Park got some decent reviews in fairness). But this is fab work all round!”

“ One of the best on RN.....Excellent!! :-) ”

“Amazing music, shake the planet with your music. One of the best in REVERBNATION !!!! Greetings DJA”

“back to this ORIGINAL Artist,talented DAN here yeeaah,check out his stuff guys !!!! alien recommendation.”

"L Jay Baker says: Excellent lyrics, sound and productions. Someday, I hope I have the God given Talent that you have...You are making History.."

“Hot tracks here! Watch out! It doesn’t get any better! Best, PAT BRANCH ♪ ♫ ”

“Hi Dan!!!!!! Stopping by to listen to your Awesome Music my Friend!!!!!!! I just close my eyes and it takes me away to a place that is just Beautiful !!!!!! Thanks for these songs!!!!! Happy New Year to you and may God Bless!!!!!!!-----Rene ”

“To love music abundantly is to live abundantly, with all you have.... and to love music forever is to live forever, with all you have...How we love your work....you are so very very talented.... Good vibes and Friendship Nick and Mandy”


“Love you!!”

Cat Mclean - Cat Mclean

“Hello Dan, great to hear some more of your work:-) Steady Fire and Darkness and Light are awesome. I love all your stuff, good tunes with a good message. Nice work! talk to ya soon! Cat ”


“Hey Dan, Thank you for your kind words. I've just listened to a random sampling of your prolific output and have been enchanted, challenged and simultaneously compelled--I feel like I've just been treated to some secret side six Sandinista!I'm a Fan! I'll keep stopping back until I've heard everything!--Well Done! Keep In Touch, Warmest, Bing.”

Bingham Willoughby - NEW FAN

“WOW!!, I am blown away by the mastery that is your music,this should be studied in every music school in the land,technique,styles,production you've got it all,respect ”

Willie Collins - Willie Collins

“Hi Dan! Thanks for the email...Im listening to you right now...I gotta tell you, you are a creative MASTER! I love your style! Beautiful photos in your gallery...did you take those? Have a great evening and all the best! Nicole”

Nicole Renee - Nicole Renee

“Hey Dan, I was listening to this atmospheric work and just kind of found myself floating along with a landscape in view of majestic~~ mountains and peaceful shores as I was engulfed by the peace and tranquility of a burning shield all around me. Very interesting piece! Good show!”

Bon Ton Key Club - Bon Ton Key Club

“RANDY ANDERSON & THE OFFEN...: amazing work my brother i love the fagen influence also hear some zappa going on, your are a true talent my friend.. peace!! Feb 05”


“ Great songs...such a diverse mix of style and sounds! shades of Zappa and Eno! Wow ...Beautiful Day..what an excellent tune peace bd ”

Full Dimensional Stereo - Full Dimensional Stereo

“Alan Redmond: i love your music, water presence has such cool vibes about it. i look forward to listening to you more. Alan Jan 27”

“Hi mate, thanks for warm comment, it's very important for me. Your music is absolutely great, very good school of bluesy vibes. Just great, keep up great production. Kris Mar 02”

Xteck - Xteck

“ Hi Dan! It's DestinationDawn dropping in to fan you from my label! Totally love the alive and funky "Step of Faith" and the very wild and spacey "Ascending High Above My Head" Sounding great here!!! Great tunes and very diverse styles!!! Much LOve, DestinationDawn StarWing Productions ”

StarWing Productions - StarWing Productions

“Kevin Frey: Wow! Just wow. The range of sound and sonics is just amazing. Kind of makes me thing Beck in some ways but with a whole fresh new feel. Looking forward to hearing more. Feb 04”

“Adam-Son: Hey Dan thanx for the comments on my trax!!! U got so many i dont know where to start!! People if U just came on this page check out this Guys work, it's got everything most people want from music, just all round great... Feb 04”

“WILD ADveNtureS IN SOUND, WE DO COLLABS AND LOCAL JAMS , so got time come by after spinNing the great sounding tacks here on reverbnation.com. thanks dan and also check out ,estrad for you rockers!! we are thick with tons of adventures in sound!!”