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War Report News

“Bee: Describe your style of music. Do u think it's a representation of Portsmouth, you as an individual, or both? When ppl listen, what should they take away? Eturnal: I've been a student of hip hop since the beginning, so I've studied all the greats. My style is a mixture of the notorious B.I.G. with his storytelling, Nas with his lyricism and jay-z with his hustler mentality to name a few. It's pure hiphop in its rawest form. Saying that I try to incorporate my city at all times. I try not to sugarcoat my upbringing or the city I'm from. I've dealt with alot of pain in my life and hardships, setbacks, financial woes, etc so I just try to keep it real raw. No disrespect to any other artist doing their thing but I've never been a big fan of just talking about money, cars and jewels.”