70times7 / Press

“70times7′s sound is hard to pigeon hole genre wise aside from being overtly Christian ... I don’t want to say they sound Metalcore because of all the negative connotations that comes with that, but they are very rythmic without being all that jumpy, crapcore stuff. Their sound is very, very clean with each and every instrument, and vocals, shining through all the acoustical idiosyncrasies of a small club like Twiggy’s that wasn’t built for live music with heavy bass and rhythm like much of the Nü Metal of [the 90s] era.”

“Local hard rock and metal outfit 70times7 is unlike many bands in the area, but, then again, the group is a band just wanting to get its music heard. These four men enjoy music and their faith and look forward to spreading their music to all who will listen. 70times7 is definitely not for the faint of heart. Screeching guitars and pummeling drums along with monstrous vocals make this outfit less generic that many would expect from Christian music acts.”