Substance / Press

“SUBSTANCE – At first they seemed to be an average local band that is cutting it teeth. Until, I noticed the bass player. At first I thought he was just resting his “pick hand” from playing so hard. But he was actually not using it at all! In any other instance I would say that the guy is either, “physically challenged” or, excuse me if you will, “handicapped”. But if I said that, then I would be considered “musically challenged” or “musically handicapped” myself. If he wasn’t any good it would still be pretty impressive, but he was really good and the band is very bottom heavy which I like. Good Luck guys! And Congrats!”

“In an epic battle, 3 bands took the stage Wednesday night at Cadillac Ranch with a dream to open for Holiday Havoc 2010 and load up on $3k of Epiphone gear. For 2 of those bands, their dreams were shattered. For Substance, that dream lives on. At least for now.”