6 Year Rewind / Press

“Emily‏@EmmAugiee16 Mar @6YearRewind Drop me in the Water just came through my shuffle for the first time. I'm in love.”


"First I would like to thank momma joy faith for having 2 awesome funny great singer boys!! Had a blast jamin to your music!! Awesome band but most of all great people!!"

Debra Jones - B!$@hes and Boots

“Jessica‏@JessLoveRock 彡✩彡The songs of these guys are like the wind in the sails, without wind it don't go forwards, so follow & check out ▶ @6YearRewind ”

“We started off St. Patty's with a Birthday Celeberation at Crispins. Live band playing (a newer band, I believe this was one of their first live/paid gigs, don't quote me on that) A pair of TWINS ! The band is called 6 Year Rewind : .. you can find 6 Year Rewind on their newly made FACEBOOK page. You can view video of them there, to check out their sound.”