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“Shows done with Swollen Members, Grave Plott, Amb...who are artists from subnoize, strange music, and psychopathic.”

“Hey Canada, yeah canada, yah you know Canada”

"they sum fresh mahfackers to rock a show with" -otis from AMB

“Wickedshit since 2006”

“When your right, what is left”

“When you die you need six ppl to carry your casket...if you dont know at least 6 people that'll be sad when u leave this place...then what kind of a life did you live?”

“Get the Blue Get the Red Get the Green Get the Orange Full Length 17 track mixtapes”

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“The meaning of life is a life of meaning”

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“6ninjahs isn't a myth”

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“Support the underground, listen to it”

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“For the ninjahs by the ninjahs”

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