6:AM! / Press

“This is good time rock that can cure your ales...”

Kelly Vergason - Nurse Kelly

“I'm going to use PRISONER for my entrance theme on Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010!”

Brandon Gordon

“My teen-age son stole my(6:AM!) cd, and I had to buy another one for myself”


“This is the perfect cd to open a beer, have a few shots, and maybe light up and just enjoy”

Mark from Long Liner - Mark Scavuzzo

"I'm enjoying the cd...High Road is my fav...


“I don't even really like rock music but this is a real good cd!”

Linda V.

"The 10th Anniversary Party was the craziest show I'd ever seen! and 6:AM! rocked the house"

The staff at the Quarter Note - Sunnyvale, CA.

“If you are looking for a "GOOD TIME HARD ROCK BAND",then you've found 6:AM!”