5t31th / Press

"The dragon is now" is bangin' all of the bang though!!!...Yall got that outter space and beyound Sh*t...Ill rhymes!!...

Ja'Mane - Reverb Nation

“yo your tracks are hot and on fire..keep it crackn..hope to hear more in the future fam...”

BROWNTURKEY - Reverb Nation

“wonderfull new stuff guys ;) keep the beats up and blazing :)fallin from the sky is really meaningfull ;) thumbs up :”

JFDC - Reverb Nation

“Sick sick talent here people. You gotta respect the unique make up of the music this group is churning out...”

Clan Brujah - Reverb Nation

“excellent tracks/excellent production. my fav would be the dragon is now and ripples! very powerful bass! very interesting lyrics on all tracks too!”

embryonik - ReverbNation

“...the lyrical content is phenom and the style is it's own. Big ups.”

Clan Bruja - ReverbNation