5:am / Press

“Various Artists, The GrindTape 2.0: RoboCop on a Unicorn (FTI Records, ftirecords.com). It’s not enough for the image of RoboCop riding a unicorn to be an Internet meme: Now it’s provided the name for a hip-hop mixtape. Emcees and crews including Kryptic, 5:AM, ILL, Tru-Prophitz, Donnie Menace, Jack Beazley, White Out, Trubble, Mr. Freeze and DV8 plus DJ Cubed all contribute, and the between-banter makes it clear they’re as stoked about each other’s work as they are about the thought of RoboCop on a unicorn.5:AM wins the set via the bombastic should-be single “Clear Out.” Not only does it sound like a remarkably self-assured personal anthem, he contributes some of the mixtape’s most quotable stand-alone lines, including “I’m ’bout to pop the hood and assault you with the battery!” and, from the chorus itself, “5’s in the buildin’/And I’m just dyin’ to beat my children!””