50 Sticks of Dynamite / Press

“...this snappily dressed Ventura, CA foursome serves up another round of raucous, swampy country/blues-inspired rock. Though the group’s signature sound feels comfortably familiar on the surface, further listens reveal subtler, wider-ranging influences. Unusually, frontman Ian McFadyen wields an electric banjo as his primary instrument, going toe-to-toe with guitarist Whitey Wingland to produce thick, stinging leads. The driving Chuck Berry/Little Richard rhythms (fueled by bassist Michael Dominguez and drummer Chris Jensen) on opener “More Than You Can Handle” channel ‘50s/60s R&B, as do the Isley Brothers/Human Beinz “Nobody But Me”-isms on the chugging, harmonica-drenched “Get Wit it Now.” Elsewhere, “For You” marries a Kinks “You Really Got Me” riff with McFadyen’s Iggy Pop-like, New Values-era vocalizing, while the title track’s low, rumbling bassline recalls The Damned’s “Neat Neat Neat” &“#1 Stunner” whips up some New York Dolls...”

"The second and latest album from 50 Sticks Of Dynamite is "Love Dream Truth Love" and it's a DIY, self-released rock 'n' roll classic. Frontman Ian McFadyen plays an electric banjo, but the music is closer to Blue Cheer than the Kingston Trio. This is first and foremost, a rock 'n' roll album - the initial cut, "More Than You Can Handle" should remove any doubt as it erupts with speaker-threatening intensity. Plenty of hooks, searing solos and foot stomping fun that should have beer sales as busy as all the feet within earshot. Support local music - like these explosive rockers."

Bill Locey - VC Star

"The sound that 50 Sticks of Dynamite make on Love*Dream*Truth*Love is big….arena rock big. The basic guitar, bass, drums is given a roots link with the banjo. For its part, the banjo is electric and ready to claim its spot on stage with instruments known for their power. If sound were scent, the opening bass line for the song “Love Dream Truth Love” is made of pheromones. The drum and crunchy chords join to push the song along as Ian McFadyen waxes philosophical over a rhythm that takes no prisoners."

"Making the ka-boom factor doubly explosive is McFadyen’s ax of choice. He doesn’t just play a standard banjo, he plays a Deering Crossfire — an electric banjo that flat-out rocks when he starts shredding."

“Last night I saw Ian McFadyen’s band, 50 Sticks of Dynamite. One of the things I love about banjo is that there are as many styles of playing as there are banjoists and certainly Ian and 50 Sticks are no exception. Ian plays a Deering Crossfire 5-string and their music is mostly high-energy blues/rock fusion. His playing style combines three finger Scruggs style with strumming/flat picking elements (Ian please correct me if you would describe it differently). Bottom line is, it works. The result grabs you by the soul and calls you to get out of your seat and dance, shake, and shout. And it’s not all about Ian and banjo. The rest of the musicians are amazing, too. Whitey Wingland plays sweet, clean guitar and is one of the better blues harp players I have heard. Michael Dominguez is rock solid and creative on bass and Chris Jensen is the exact drummer a band like this needs; he keeps a solid blanket of beat that makes it all work.”

“The closing track, “Love Is”...stands proudly as a meditative song of heartbreak and healing, life experiences that hit harder than any amount of TNT available.”

David Cotner - VC Reporter

“50 Sticks of Dynamite is the self-titled, debut release from the banjo-fueled blues band that has been featured regularly at local events over the past two years. The record’s raw feel and sound can be attributed to the impressive fact that the entire effort was recorded live in one room in one afternoon. Chief songwriter Ian McFadyen covers the standard blues topics like hearts, trains and women while the band, which includes Chris Jensen, who has long been one of the scene’s better drummers, provides solid backing. It’s a satisfying release for fans of the blues and Americana genres, but as their fiery live shows have proven recently, their debut is just a glimpse of the great band they’ve become since its release last year. — Chris Jay”

"...50 Sticks of Dynamite really gets the crowd moving. Whether the song is a blues tune about hard times and heartache, or a rock n roll song that makes you dance, their music just makes you feel good."

"One might be sufficient, but 50? Expect ka-blooey big time, not to mention fun, when 50 Sticks of Dynamite play their brand of banjo-friendly, well-dressed rock..."

“Hot new local blues/rock band, 50 Sticks Of Dynamite recently performed at the House Of Blues in Hollywood. And, they are making noise all over the Ventura music streets.”