4our Music / Press


Jules King

“Im on the sweet up tempo PARTY”

Daniel Johnny Johnson



"Its on me" is very catchy , found myself bobbin my head and "Its My Life" love the story. I like all your music

Margo Simmons

“Haaay, that's wuzup, just passing through showin some luv. Love the smooth beats. one love, Ms J”

Jasmine Marie

“Good southern sounds! Much support from Houston Texas”

Leo Beats

“My Nigga its bin a while! Hope your good. Tunes r fyah!!! We still gotta collab straight from the U.K.”

Rasta-Army (Kill- Dat-instinct)


Lotus Kane

“We killed "LIFE Pose 2be"”

Cash lil shawty

“Cant get my heat to stop bobbing to your tracks to think of what I was gonna say. Keep it up Bro!”

Jo-Nathan Da truth

“Luv it keep it up”

Kellie Luvella

“Much luv from USVI!:)”

chantel hoheb

“you have a quiet sexy funky groove vibe!! "Its own me" should be a heavy rotation club anthem!!!”


“Nice work big dog! keep the fire going.”

Mounty Crizto

"Rock Like Dat" sick flo.

Mighty Joe

“I choose "Party" to listen to today greetings from Athens!”

Lydia Plain - Lidia Plain

“Im listening to your music now. and loving it.”

Ana Luiza Brown

“Party! uh uh not the camel toe! #jamming”

Aisha Jade

“Crazy fantastic track on weekend.”

Delany Simpson

“Luv Ur Tunes”


“Im loving your music "WEEKEND" and "ROCK LIKE DAT"”

Caddillack black Momba

“Tell em how it is baby!!!”

Barbies of Porn

“The Page STILL UNDERCONSTRUCTION stay tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

4our - 4our

“You gotta just feel me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

4our - 4our