Mellow 'D' / Press

“Poetic...soft...just imagine, you being outside..walking thru the dark wood...there is no light, no way..but there, in the sky, you just see a little glare..you think it must be your eyes playing a joke. but no. you walk till there, you try to chase the light...you run, finally you run and amazed, you discover that the light you were pursuing, is a new world , wonderful colors, and warm breeze..the worst is over. now you are ready to see thru the dark. GREAT”

Shan - about Mellow 'D's song Aurora

“Such a gently passionate piece. Gives me butterflies. It evokes those feelings for me, too. (How beautifully you capture it!) This moves me deeply.”

Jasmine Tea - about Mellow 'D's song Aurora

“Soooo nice this one... very relaxing and played with great taste. Liked the Piano sound, the melodic line flows so nicely and tells a beautiful musical story... Gorgeous playing, rich and delicate at the same time; beautiful dynamics and really enjoyable impros over the theme. I'm sure you had a great fun playing this one, expecially considering you did it in one take... A beautiful piece, Dustin, thanks for sharing. Corrado”

Corrado - about Mellow 'D's song Aurora

“Hey mellow, love the ride....you display an enormous amount of paitence in this soundscape...residules of this journey are dispersed evenly throughout the composition which makes for a colorful resolve... dugg & diggin !!! great work!!”

Bri-an - about Mellow 'D's song Ragnarok

“Luscious pads. colors abound, a beautiful soundtrack for the mind. I get a very futuristic feel from this piece. Simply wonderful my dear Dustin ! Ok taking it for a 3rd spin ;)”

Gabriel - about Mellow 'D's song Ragnarok

“I don' t know anything about music, but I do know what I like!!! --this is chillin cool, really enjoyed hearing it- it sounded like I was listening to the radio.”

“sounds classical.. or rather neo baroque.. most like bach melodically and emotionally although the chordal style is really from a later period.. you have real nice chops on piano man.. enjoyed it..”

“wild yes!!! TOTALLY wild...the beats...the psychedelic bass, the synths...dancing like the fire. your piano is like a vortex. a vortex of colors, pictures..dark blue skies and clouds that get blown by the wind and fast motion. cool!”

“Love the groove of the drums. Love all the texture and ambient sounds. Love the flow. ”

“You definitely don't need help by another instrumental arranger - you create your own, rich sound universe, and I admire you very much for it. A masterpiece with wonderful flow (in the best sense), beautiful swing and dynamics - simply a masterpiece. Pascal”

“wow i sure like this one.. it starts the space journey perfectly.. flows like water for sure.. very ambient with a great beat and awesome sub bass.. love the lead synth tone.. nice layers too.. and then you are soloing your **** off! soundin strong and sure.. clean and pure”