4arm / Press

“A gently lilting piano intro ushers in the third album from these Aussie thrashers, before 'While I Lay Awake' kicks in, sounding like Annihilator with it's tight picking and clipped vocals, despite it's sprawling scope soon putting it firmly into Metallica territory. Then 'Raise A Fist' channels their recent touring partners Testament with its strident riffing and melodic leads, and it becomes apparent that 4 Arm are right up there with the most technically competent of modern thrash. 'The Opressed' injects some sombre crunch into proceedings, whilst the title track tears along with a 'Battery' like intensity, and its safe to say that if these guys weren't hidden away Down Under they'd be big news. 4/5”

“Speed, volume, anger, lyrical and vocal ability and skilful handling of strings and skins has had me turning up the volume constantly”

"This is an album that ‘undoubtedly’ must be heard by every Thrash Metal fanatic no matter what".

“Melbourne thrashers 4ARM have done the hard yards to get to the point they’re at today. Formed almost seven years ago, during the past couple of years news and interest in 4ARM has spread and people overseas started to take notice. The band has recorded three studio albums and toured with Testament and Destruction. Album number three, Submission for Liberty is due for release on February 6. Mixed by Matt Hyde and mastered by Ted Jensen who has worked with Slipknot, Machine Head and Metallica and with artwork designed by Brent Elliott White - who has done some fantastic work with both Megadeth and Arch Enemy - 4ARM are in very good company. Loud recently caught up with 4ARM’s vocalist and rhythm guitarist Danny Tomb to discuss the band’s new album, life on the road, future plans and much more...”

“4ARM returned to Brisbane again as part of the national support for Destruction, and all I can say is… wow. In the twelve months between drinks, they’ve definitely upped their level of quality since the last time I saw them. A blistering concoction of classic thrash metal with a light touch of modern groove, and a healthy juxtaposition of heaviness and melody, all compounded with a ferocious energy; definitely a band worth seeing live”

“Submission for Liberty pulls no punches. It comes out all guns blazing in a thrash-fuelled assault. With a backbone of grooving and pulsating double kick along side quite a hefty riff, "While I Lie Awake" sets the scene nicely and brings to mind a sound reminiscent of Blackening-era Machine Head and later day Exodus. ”

“Submission For Liberty is the band’s third full length, but arguably its best, and most aggressive to date. Led by the throat and crunching guitar of Danny Tomb, along with skins crusher Michael Vafiotis, bassist Andy Hinterreiter and lead guitarist Johnny Glovasa, 4ARM bring brutal energy and intelligent imagery to the battlefield of thrash”

“In essence, this is a brilliant album. It is full of confronting, exploding aggression. If you love your Pantera then I can assure you that you will love this”