40oz of Spite / Press

“You guys were not only entertaining but you have some very interesting songs!!! Much better than the average hard core punk bands I come across!”

Rick Barton (Ex Dropkick Murphys/Continental)

“Want to hear some legit punk rock with the low-fi grind of bands like Operation Ivy and SubHumAns? Check out 40oz of Spite!!!”

“With first glance, you would expect them to be just another pop-punk band getting on stage to sing about love lost, and how the government has wronged us in one way or another, but once they start playing, its safe to say that isn’t the case. With songs like Bucky’s Doing Heroin and Drink it Down, it’s easy to start singing along. I have yet to see a show of theirs where half the crowd doesn’t end up on the stage to chant along. Watching Tommy Gun and Dirty Dave on stage, is like watching kids with ADD try crack for the first time… Never are they standing in one spot for more than a second. Combine that with Dave blowing fire balls over his massive mohawk, and there is never a dull moment to their set.”

“What happens when you mix 3 guys from Grand Rapids and some cheep beer...You get 40oz Of Spite's new EP, Drink It Down. Drink it Down reminds me of a mixture of Pennywise and SNFU. Lots of energy, high trebble, and fast riffs. If you have been looking for a good punk CD then this is for you. . This is one of those CD's that after you listen to it you will be chanting some of the lyrics in your head. If you dont then you must be doing heroin with Bucky.”

“Since the trio got together this spring 40oz have been very busy playing all over Michigan and releasing there debut demo EP “Drink It Down” which features 5 gut wrenching in your face punk songs that will get your blood boiling so fierce that you will want to slam that guy standing at the edge of the pit with his fist in the air. There songs touch on the topics of the Grand Rapids Music Scene, our fucked up economy, drug and alcohol addiction, and love and hate.”

“Brimstone Radio hosts and local punk musicians Dirty Dave and Tommy Gun, along with drummer Rob Black, have put out a lo-fi, five-song, 12-minute EP filled with the usual anthems of high-energy rock'n' roll, alternating vocal duties with Dave's pinched yell and Gun's gruff melodic protests. The whole disc sounds like it was recorded live at a basement show, except for the lack of crowd noises. Standout songs are "Bucky's Doin' Heroin" and the rare guitar melody of "Getting Off." Go to myspace.com/fortyouncesofspite for a listen and a good look at Dave's huge purple mohawk.”

"40oz of Spite plays a relentless, no-prisoners brand of punk rock."

"It all started with 3 guys and a dream.. one of those fucked up dreams where you're running but not getting anyway where."