3rd Scenario / Press

"...Backed by a stellar band that includes award-winning bandleader Scott “Bugs” Allen of 3rd Scenario (bass/trumpet), Kat Dyson (Shelia E./Prince), Curtis Dowd (keyboard), Anthony Graham (piano), Eric Anthony (vocals) and Tafere Hazy (drums), Dawn is excited to show L.A. what they’re all about. “I’m thrilled and blessed to be surrounded by such amazing talent,” said Dawnn. “We were rehearsing last night and I got to tell you, the cats are ready, we are ready to explode. We’re going to have a great time.”

“Building their reputation working with other artists, Allen and Harris now open a new chapter with their 3rd Scenario's debut on Spectra Jazz, It’s About Time. It's About Time finds Allen and Harris with various musical tricks up their sleeve. Their intriguing variety of jazz induced funk, soul, fusion and world music offers plenty of crossover potential for radio. Harris echoes George Benson with his fluid soulful scat and guitar on “Make It Up.” “Lazy Bird” lends some experimentation with a breakdown of whirlwind guitar and bass crescendos and vocal scats. Clocking in at a minute and a half, the intense “Syria” is soaked in Middle Eastern drones and auto tuned voices (with proper effect in this instance)... It’s About Time shows that Harris and Allen have arrived with a sure critical success. Their cutting edgesound appears to be several steps ahead of many of their smoother jazz counterparts...”

“Spectra Jazz Recording artist Scott "Bugs" Allen (3rd Scenario), was music director this past weekend for the "Icons" tribute to Lena Horne, Josephine Baker and Eartha Kitt at the Silver Rose Awards and Auction in Beverly Hills, California. The event benefits the Jenesse Center Inc. of Los Angeles, which provides intervention, shelter and support for families affected by domestic violence. The awards and auction ceremony was hosted by actress and Jenesse Center Chairperson, Halle Berry. SJN”

“Spectra Jazz Recording Artists "3rd Scenario" (Scott "Bugs" Allen and Earl "Tee" Harris) will be releasing their debut album "It's About Time" today (March 29, 2011) on iTunes and Amazon.com along with a host of digital retailers. The long awaited album has begun a fond embrace with radio singling out the positive lyrics and vocal styling on select tracks such as "Make It Up" & "It's About Time", as well as instrumental selections such as "Sao Paulo" and "Rain Forest". The same can be said for the entire album, as it offers exotic flavors with contemporary flair by two very talented craftsmen of Jazz and Neo-Soul. Check out live performance video and music of 3rd Scenario at their website and download a copy of their album today! SJN”

“With jazz that can be best described as a mixture of Cool, Smooth and Funky, the collaborative efforts of producer/performers, Scott "Bugs" Allen and Earl "Tee" Harris have signed with Spectra Jazz, bringing 3rd Scenario to the roster. Bassist/Trumpeter Scott Allen, a native of Baltimore, MD and Guitarist/Vocalist, Earl Harris, a Chicago native, forged a bond some 12 years ago. Their present project "It's About Time", is driven with the mission to provide uncompromising musical excellence released under the Spectra Jazz banner. Together they raise the bar to become the next Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of Funk, Jazz and Soul. Some of the artists they've worked with include Impromp2, Stephanie Mills, Bebe Winans, and Euge Groove. The upcoming project promises to deliver exotic funk jazz experiences with hints of far away places. SJN”

“This is one of those “shining bands”, most likely brilliant for me because they take me all the way back to the days when Curtis (as in Mayfield) was lighting up all of our lives in the turbulent ’60′s & ’70′s… they put a NICE 21st Century spin on it, though, & I’ve no doubt you’ll love their music as much as I do! Check this favorite of mine out – “It’s About Time“”