Three Legged Fox / Press

“...Three Legged Fox has perhaps been the best-kept secret of the jam band and reggae scenes within recent years.”

“On the strength of their latest release, “Not as Far,” Three Legged Fox has poised themselves for wider national recognition with this mature, inspired collection of tracks.”

“Not as Far is a well constructed and thought-out release. It finds a band that is incredibly confident in its sound and one that has the patience to make sure all the right ingredients were being thrown into the mix.”

“The song writing is fantastic; the song form of each song flows effortlessly from one section to the next, with outstanding melodies and harmonies that create very effective and catchy hooks during the choruses.”

“Each song is well crafted, and the Philly based band is surely going to wow the world with this collection of songs. The band and this album doesn't fit neatly into any mold, and that is what makes it so awesome.”

“As the title of the album may suggest, though relatively unknown to the mainstream fan, 3LF is not as far as it may seem from breaking through into the industry, so don't be suprised if you see them opening up for some of your favorite acts by the end of 2009.”

“Is what they do rock? Is it reggae? Whatever it is, it’s good.”