Diversal / Press

“Diversal IS THE TOTAL PACKAGE FOR A GROUP!!! They have the sound, the look, the swag, and the DIVERSITY to influence the hip-hop game in a POSITIVE way.”

Diversal's Fan - Diversal The Group

“Even though their new to the scene, Diversal's stage presence in remarkable for how little experience on the stage the really have. Perfect timing on transitions and all group members just seemed to know what the other two are thinking and were there going.”

Fan Reaction After Show - Diversal The Group

“Young, Fresh, New Sound That The Game Desperately Needs... Extremely Lyrical For There Age... And If Given The Chance Will Take The Indusrty By Storm.. They Find The Right Mixture And There Name Fits The Group Perfectly. What More Could You Ask For?”

Diversal Fan - Diversal The Group