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“As we see the resurgence of the 80's / 90's era fashion, we should expect to see a rebirth in that era's music as well. For me, 321 Stereo's Album - Stop Drop & Dance is the start of this retro pop side of this trend. I have seen and heard a lot of the retro punk sound enter into the music scene recently, but there really hasn't been a local band that grabs my attention in the pop aspect of this spectrum...that is until now. Although, 321 Stereo has been in the scene since 2009, they seem to have more momentum now then they have had in recent years. I'm excited to see that 321 Stereo has a solid place in this revival of the pop dance movement from the 80's & 90's. They have described their album Stop Drop & Dance as a retro modern pop sound and I would have to fully agree with that... Their New Wave/ Retro-Pop/ Dance feel jumps out and grabs your attention right from the first song on the album "So Fresh" As soon as this album starts, it brings me back to some of the mos”

“There are a few bands in town that have been influenced by 1980s dance music, but none do it better than 321 Stereo, which performs at the 710 Beach Club on Oct. 7. With an arsenal of tunes every bit as good as the classics of the era — like the incredibly catchy “Take Me Up” — this is a band to keep an eye on. 321 Stereo also strays into electro pop and alt rock, but it’s the dance rhythms and sense of melody that truly sets it apart. While they primarily play originals, they occasionally perform covers like a recast version of Bryan Adams’ “We’re In Heaven,” which frankly blows the original out of the water.”

“One of the big things I pay attention to when it comes to listening to new bands is the kind of mood the music puts me in. & As soon as I started listening to 321 Stereo, I was convinced it is impossible to be in anything besides an amazing and upbeat mood when you listen to them. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to get up and move and it’s the kind of songs that get stuck in your head for days. 321 Stereo is a new wave/pop/dance band from San Diego who’s been around since 2009 and consists of Aubrey King on vocals, Jennie Ortega on bass, Patrick Dela Cruz on drums, Allan Celio on keyboards, and Raj Rajasingh on guitar. You can catch them playing at the Playground Festival in Irvine this Saturday, alongside acts such as Lil Jon, New Boyz, Shiny Toy Guns, The Game and Panic! At The Disco. If you’re looking for fun, upbeat music and a band that is full of energy, I would definitely recommend this band…”

“I love the '80s! That was the name of a TV show, we think. But do you know who else loves the '80s? The locals in 321 Stereo, whose infectious brand of technicolor pop has been inspiring San Diegans to dust off their leg warmers and hit the dance floor. The band's friendly, communal vibe is reminiscent of the B-52s, and 321 Stereo's music is just as energetic. There aren't many local bands keeping the New Wave flame burning, but 321 Stereo are clearly doing something right. They were just nominated for the second year in a row for a San Diego Music Award (the ceremony is Aug. 8). In anticipation of their taking home the Best Pop Band award, we asked lead singer Aubrey King to list her influences for us... Source: 321 Stereo Turn It Up | NBC San Diego”

““One of the best new wave/pop/dance bands going in San Diego today, 321 Stereo turn out amazing tracks that while all thoroughly modern, all sound like they have been influenced by the best of the 80's hits, mixing dance and new wave, synths and shufflebeats, particularly effective on lead track "Take Me Up". To my ears the closest benchmark would be Scandal, but any classic early eighties MTV would fit the bill. Indeed, this group appeals on so many levels, from electronica to powerpop, their music touching on a lot of pop culture sounds. Take a listen to the instrument placement and arrangements as well. This is really well put together with the production working to bring out every nuance of melody in the songs. This demo did something that rarely happens anymore. It made me leave my computer and head out to see them live. Glad I did - I can't wait to hear the full album! ”

Bart Mendoza - San Diego Troubadour

“When asked about 321 Stereo's participation in this year's San Diego Music Thing, lead singer Aubrey King, said, “This is a HUGE honor! The San Diego Music Thing is the ultimate showcase of local talent and we couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of it. We want to remind everyone that good pop music at it's core is sweet and simple. We are definitely looking forward to every panel that has to deal with trying to make it as an indie artist. Being a still relatively new band, we have so much to learn. From marketing strategies, to licensing opportunities, and even social networking. That fact that this conference touches on so many of the subjects that are so crucial to bands like us doing it all on our own is of so much value. We are also looking forward to seeing some great bands play including Nico Vega, Little Hurricane, The Silent Comedy, Kevin Martin, and Hyena.””

“...In anticipation of their taking home the Best Pop Band award, we asked the band to list its influences for us. You can check out the dance-happy list below. 321 Stereo (as a group) 80’s music and style: Pat Benetar, The Jets, Michael Jackson. Current Dance Pop: Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas. We love bright neon lights, dancing the night away, old skool boom boxes, and Reading Rainbow...”