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“2nd Half has always been a local favorite which has always been extremely creative to produce magnificent pieces. Their live performances are extremely memorable and the guys are just great. You can but help but to really be drawn to them. They have recently released new material and I expect it to really help them.”

“After ripping through the brand-new jam “Got it Made”, chants of “2nd Half! 2nd Half!” reverberated through the room. Unfortunately, that was to be the band’s final song of the night, but as Gandolf told the crowd before departing the stage, “Rock and Roll will never die.” True words, especially if the band continues to make outstanding new music like the songs debuted on Friday.”

“2nd HALF strives to create music that is enjoyable not only to themselves, but to a wide variety of listeners. Their music does not fall into any particular genre except their own, and does not target any particular age group. The goal of 2nd HALF seems clear--to send a positive message through music and to have fun doing it. ”

“One of the best tracks on the album [Neverville} is “One Night Alone,” a song that definitely NEEDS to be heard by the music-buying public.”

“Not many bands can straddle that fence between Power Pop and Hard Rock the way Cleveland-based quartet, 2ND HALF can. Whether upbeat and fun or downright gritty, these guys always stay true to strong, filler-free melody and well-placed harmony.”

“Cleveland's 2ND HALF is as heavy as they are poppy and as gritty as they are fun. You'll find their brand of modern hard rock tightly-arranged and refreshingly angst-free. Despite dating back to the 90's, the latest incarnation of this dynamic group feels like the 2nd half of a brand new journey.”

“Gandolf's sleek vocals give the songs accessibility, and the band's hard-driving music and the tracks' layered sound gives them heft. The bristling, uptempo "One Night Alone" adds some pop-punk feel to the mix. ”

“The eight-track album features songs like "Invincible" and "Memory of You" that combine strong, smooth, mid-tempo, almost pop-like melodies with propulsive, heavy music.”

“2nd Half is here to rock you from head to toe.”

““An Audio/Visual Experience of Epic Proportions””

Rhonda Readence - Exciting City Magazine - Issue 35

"The four members [of 2nd Half] seemed to posses a unity that is almost unheard of from a local, unsigned band. This type of collaboration usually comes from years of touring and recording."

"One of our favorite sections matched with music was Rob Alford's as he is tearing up the powder and hitting big jumps to some pretty sweet music by 2nd Half"