2nd Agenda / Press

“For the better part of the last decade, rebel-folk outfit Second Agenda have been a pillar of socially conscious music in Vermont. Fusing folk idealism and rock aggression with hip-hop attitude — not to mention beats — the band is as high-octane as it is high-minded. This Saturday, December 22, Second Agenda play Red Square in Burlington.”

“Meanwhile, in Burlington, a collision of cosmic forces threatens to forever alter the landscape of Queen City debauchery when Mildred Moody’s Full Moon Masquerade meets Cinco de Mayo. Saturday, May 5, the Masquerade invades Nectar’s with an all-star lineup including local hip-hop heavyweights the Lynguistic Civilians and rebel-folk stalwarts 2nd Agenda, alongside monthly regulars Mildred Moody, and live body painting by the Human Canvas. May God have mercy on our souls.”

“Hip-hop fans, Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA is playing the Rusty Nail Bar & Grille in Stowe this Friday, March 23, and he’s bringing a ton of local heat as support. Slated to open are VT hip-hop favorites the Lynguistic Civilians, 2nd Agenda, the Aztext and Boomslang. Word.”

“With any one of the members missing, the band would sound thin and incomplete, but together they create an undeniable wall of sound and energy... Second Agenda is the perfect combination of people in everything from instrumental to intellectual compatibility. No member is, in any way, replaceable.”

“Producing a sound that is equal parts badass and positive messages isn’t always easy. It takes serious consideration to word lyrics and put them into melodies that don’t come off cheesy or contrived. Hope is a Must is a delicious EP that proves they are more than capable of doing whatever the hell they please. Bottom line: The only problem with this EP is that it leaves you wanting to hear more.”

“Hope is a Must, the new EP from Burlington’s Second Agenda, is an energetic short set with positive intentions. The lyrics are original and the music is a rocking blend of funk, reggae, and hip hop, and a dash of blues.”

“My recommendation: buy the EP, listen to it reflectively on your own and experience it on a personal level. Then hit the town and groove with your friends to some of the most chill soulful rock you can find in the Burlington area with Second Agenda. These guys made an exceptional EP and their efforts are cause to celebrate and acknowledge that hope is a must.”

“This is the strongest lineup the ever-fluctuating band has ever fielded. Its members tear through a dazzling assortment of ambitious arrangements with veteran guile, from chill, hip-hop-laced roots-funk to anthemic pop-punk and heady groove rock. In short, the record sounds great.”

“A funky, hip-hop beat built on guitar/bass/drums/turntables, topped with beefy vocals fleshed out with occasional violin, mandolin and horns? Why not? The music of Second Agenda is like a localvore version of an urban hip-hop/rock sound, made with ingredients commonly found in the foursome’s home base of Burlington.”