2 Hour Delay / Press

“And the first Indy Music Awards go to ... Congratulate them now, then get ready to hear them play at our September festival It's been just over a month since the last ballot was cast in our inaugural 2011 Indy Music Awards. The turnout, more than 2,500 voters, went well beyond anything we'd allowed ourselves to expect, and clearly bodes well for what we anticipate will become a valuable addition to the Colorado Springs music scene. In fact, the announcement of this first year's winners and runners-up is just the beginning. In our upcoming Sept. 1 issue, we'll be profiling all the first-place acts in an expanded local music cover story package. Think of it as both a celebration of your favorite Colorado Springs musicians and a crash course in other local talents with whom you may be less familiar at this point. And the winners are... WRITE-IN CATEGORIES People's Choice 1st place: From Slaves to Kings 2nd place: 2 Hour Delay 3rd place: GOYA”