2MX2 / Press

“the track features 2MX2 dropping Spanglish-infused rhymes, showcasing a style of Chicano rap not many other groups can pull off.”

“Mostly the guys rapped in English, but it got better and more heightened when they switched to Spanish. The rapping had that kind of rapid high and low style resonant with early dead prez.”

“The homies of 2MX2 (formerly 2012) have been pretty busy the last few months with a plethora of shows. The guys documented their travels in the new video for “All I Wanna Do.” Check it out:”

“​Tomorrow night at the Gothic Theatre, 20:12 -- or 2MX2, as the group is now known -- is set to release its new album, Case Study 20:12, and premier its new video for track "The Beast is Out," directed by Emergency Room.”

“As varied as the record's rhythm is, however, Role Pley and Juice El Tio Hugo keep it together, displaying an impressive range that we haven't heard from the duo previously.”

“Maybe it was the free vodka. Or maybe it was the hundreds of ladies dressed to the nines. Or perhaps it was the unmistakable family vibe. Hard to say. Whatever it was, though, 20:12's release party at Casselman's on Friday night came off as something different all together. For starters, you couldn't help but notice how the numbers swayed noticeably in favor of the fairer sex; there were far more ladies on hand than at most local hip-hop shows. ”

“I only see good things in the future for 20:12 and Spoke In Wordz. For anyone one out there trying to make it in music game. I would definitely build with these dudes. Seems like they may have the blue print.”

“Emerging with a sexy brand of hip-hop, intent on dispelling any lingering stereotypes about what Latino music is supposed to be.”