29 Mules / Press

“The story goes that Casey Cannon — under normal circumstances educated, sharp, not prone to confusion, but in this case, road-weary and beginning to succumb to the effects of low humidity and the relentlessly monotonous desert landscape alongside guitarist Xavier Gonzalez — somehow mixed up the city named Twentynine Palms with the street called Mule Team Road. And in one serendipitous moment, out of the ancient dust plastered to his brow by the sweat of the last 100 miles, 29 Mules came into being. Cannon and Gonzalez, both with roots in Texas and California, met, as so many talented musicians do — pushing gear at Guitar Center. Whether or not the stars aligned is anyone’s guess, but only fate could be responsible for such chemistry — the result of which is balls-to-the-wall, boot-to-the-booty, hip-shakin’, rock solid, smart, sexy, badass country music. That’s not to say there isn’t the occasional sun-kissed ballad in the band’s 500-song repertoire, Read More click”

“These Mules don’t have many rules, but here’s one they live by: Country is meant to be played loud, fast and hard. That’s the plan of attack for 29 Mules, a Los Angeles band known for their brash “garage country” sound. For folks with a wahoo world view, they’ll provide the perfect soundtrack on Thursday at Sans Souci in Ventura and Saturday at the Ventura County Fair. 29 Mules plays hard-edged country that’s beloved by dancers, lurkers and elbow-benders alike. Their new one is “80 Feet Deep.” Their old one is “No Rules For Mules.” Maybe their dream gig would be with Jackass. Frontman Casey Cannon and guitar player Xavier Gonzalez have been making new fans with their infrequent but highly anticipated local shows. Cannon discussed his favorite band during a recent phoner. Read More click on link below”

“29 Mules are unabashedly ballsy and rowdy as f--k. The thing is, they actually write some f'ing good songs. They take their Texas roots seriously and their style is straight up country and ain't scared of it, but they bring a californiacated and hard punching twist to it. On the surface these guys appear to give less than a sh*t what anybody might think of them, but it doesn't take much digging to reveal the sensitive boys they really are. Lead singer Casey Cannon is like a wild wounded Mustang who wears his soft spots tucked just beneath his sleeve. And the boy can sing. He and lead guitarist Xavier Gonzalez form the creative core of the group and handle most of the songwriting duties.”