22tape / Press

"Zen and the art of rocking beats. 22tape has been one of Denver’s best kept secrets for an astoundingly long amount of time. When listening to his entire album Firefly Bulletshots, you will get totally engulfed in forward thinking rhythm texture and production ability that easily awards 22tape with the more professional title of sound designer. At no point during listening to Firefly Bulletshots in its entirety do you get even one shred of throwback style, this album is as fresh as a spring rain and as zen as a banzai garden. He does utilize a dubstep-esque rhythmic pattern in some songs but this EP is so so much more complex and ultimately spiritual than a simple clubstep release. It definitely does stay true to the evolution of modern instrumental hip-hop but it’s a brilliantly good addition to the style.

““I Recently stumbled upon a Producer by the name of 22tape and needless to say I became intrigued by what I discovered. His latest work entitled “Firefly Bulletshots” is an EP chock full of instrumentals ready to freak the perspective of any willing to listen. Traveling a lane all his own 22 creates a soundscape like no other. Channeling what I assume to be an amalgamation of influences this Ep has given me a new perspective on music once again. Rarely do I come across. something of this magnitude. Hard hitting drums meet schizophrenic rhythms clashing together in a manner that just feels right. If you’re not quite sold click on the picture above to listen and if by some chance you feel as I do get the download it’s free.””

"The mix of found noises and hip-hop-derived beats that comprise “Saloon Shwagger” render the track, by 22tape (aka Jared Dunne), absolutely irresistible. It’s from his MosaicChangeTone EP, available for free download. “Shwagger” is all looping horns and these splayed beats that break apart in time for sauntering piano, brief call-outs, and stereoscopic droning."

"This release enters the ring with knockout big-names like Flying Lotus and Krush — and boy is this kid a contender. It took me awhile to get around to posting this, and I apologize for sleeping on it so hard. Glad to let this EP see some CYV™ love because I’m sure there is greatness in store for young Dunne. Fantastic experimental stuff here folks, so do yourself a favor, and pick up this whole EP

"Described by it’s insanely creative creator 22tape as “downbeat vinylistic hip hop with a smidge of glitch“, It’s sort of an experimental, turntabalism and wonky piece, but there’s so much energy and vitality, it feels ridiculously fresh! Beats are just right, it’s not overdone, or overcooked. The production is just fine. There are also beautiful dubstep-esque drops in there that just shake up the beats even more, and help cohere the plethora of snippets, sounds and samples that form the fabric of this album."

"....a good amount of variety while still keeping the tracks simple and bangin. tons of low end bass throughout and a dope glitch vibe to put him among the likes of dimlite and prefuse, but at the same time his tracks give off a more relaxed hip hop vibe than the more recent glitch hop endeavors by heavy hitters such as flyo and alex b."

"An utterly magnificent offering, 22tape has set the benchmark for what we hope will be a flourishing career. The MosaicChangeTone EP is a release that stands up with high hitters such as Flying Lotus and Krush. Oozing with maturity, this is music that all experimental hip-hop fans will find appreciation in. Whilst not for the masses these are interesting, thought provoking beats with depth and intelligence. This is experimental hip-hop at it’s very finest people – and the cover art is dope, too!"