22 HERTZ / Press

“There is no doubt about it. 22Hertz will weasel its way into your brain and just won’t let go. With a passion and a drive so tried and true, we are even surprised that you haven’t heard of 22Hertz already! He definitely has that sound that appeals to a wide variety of listeners. You don’t have to be a metalhead, or a pop connoisour to enjoy this band, which is why we are more than ecstatic to present 22Hertz”

“5 out of 5 stars! To sum up, most of these songs have quite the potential to be genre hits. Not only does Detonate offer high quality production but also catchy and dark themes, edgy guitar riffage and industrial distortions. The vocals, drums and sampling are accented in the majority of compositions, while instruments such as guitars, piano and bass have been used to enrich the arrangements. The album is very memorable and perfectly represents industrial rock. If you like trying out new things, you can buy Detonate for a few bitcoins - the revolutionary new virtual currency (more standard currencies are accepted as well). A note to the buyers: the CD version contains a bonus track entitled 'White Dove', not present in the digital download.”

“5 out of 5 stars! I Love this album so much, I’ll take any opportunity to listen to it. I first heard 22 Hertz when I was putting together a compilation album to raise funds for cancer research. 22 Hertz kindly provided me with the excellent “Detonate” (still available) Their music is part industrial noise and part blow-you-away rock. I really can’t wait to see these guys live! Check out the interview with frontman Ralf Muller in the December issue of Indie Music Monthly. Let’s go through their album DETONATE, track by track:”

“The song "Detonate" by 22HERTZ is a refreshing twist on the electronic and heavy music of the 90's injected with a modern sound of today. Tastefully tracked and mixed this song stands out from the rest of today's music. Very powerful and full of emotion that is reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and few more of my favorites from this genre of music.”

Jason Z. - Turkey Vulture Records

“A lot of Audioslave and NIN going on here. Great stuff.”

Taylor Van Arsdale - Tailfish PR

“Accomplished, intriguing blend of NIN x INXS”

Devon Jackson - Rolling Stone

“I would buy this album now- we need more great acts like 22Hertz, cant wait to see their live show you made a fan out of me.”

Chris Leyva - Black Cherry Group

“Its like you captured the dark, melodic, driving beats that we all got from the downward spiral and added in more alt. rock that i would have loved to see in it. so thank you for this beautiful display of edge man. keep up the fantastic work!”

“Your music makes me want to murder pop artists... Thank you for helping usher in the machine age.”

“Yeah!! I was hoping someone out there would pick up where NIN left off!! since NIN has not come out with a new record lately, this was an awesome surprise! 22 Hertz, you def. WILL be able to quit your day jobs soon!”

“Best thing I've heard in a long time...”