DNA 88 / Press

"Wow...Cross The Line is nothing like I expected to hear from you guys. You look like a couple of stone cold thugs, but this song has a lot a meaning and maturity. You guys are really good, I can understand the lyrics, I can hear the backing vox nice and clear, and the beats and keys are perfectly mixed. Nice job, DNA 88!!"

“Say Im Lovin the Music! "Dead or Alive" is a Hot Track and you speaking some Realness! Keep up the great work...”

“Really enjoyed the first three tracks in a row tonight. 'Go Getta' has a lot of word skill going on, and is addictive & catchy in it's style of background beat. Fabulous production here. The big favorite has to be 'Dead Or Alive.' Hard going from start to finish. Our respect DNA 88”

“Wow, amazing music and sounds...played all songs. Love. Peace. Respect xo xo ”

"Dead or Alive " is outstanding. Brilliant voice settings and rhythm changes...and...its the Lady singing who made it remarkable,too. Thanks for the friendship, nice wishes,Leon.

“DNA where it started ...we some "wanted dead or alive" type...ONE HUNNET!”

“Hip-hop/Rap w/Soul see it? I know you hear that...Take a picture, oh SNAP! It's DNA88 #ifoxwitdat”

“I like that 'Hot Butter, No Fresh Catch'. It has a nice groove and the flow is smooth, yall know how to ride a beat lol”

“Listening to ''Dead or Alive'', enjoyed the woman's voice! You sound really good. Keep making cool music!”

“That Hold Me Down track hard bro. Keep up the good work...”

“Great music. I am really feeling the teamwork. It has a nice vibe.”

“I fucks with that Hold Me Down joint tough. ”

“Eh Yo'... Your music sounds tuff'. I like the hook on that "Don't Give Up" song...”

“Just heard DEAD OR ALIVE, nice cut yo, sick joint! ”

“Whoa!! Its Draft right now on that Rhyme Over Reason, and that Hold Me Down...collab maybe in the near future.”

“Really diggin it guys,keep up the great work...I suddenly want some shrimp scampi and I dont know why?..HA!! Peacey”

“Crazy dope rhymes...Definitely stand out from the rest of the artists. ”

"Hot Butter, No Fresh Catch", what a cool fun song and love the lyrics. You guys Rock.

“DNA 88 I'm lovin your style!”

“I like "Rhyme Over Reason." Gives me a Wu type feel.”

“'Dead or Alive' is dope, I like ya'll sound and thanks for the support. Keep doing your thing homies.....See u @ the top.”

“Niiiceee! Feelin that. DNA 88 got good lyrics mannn keep doin your thinggg!! #Cleveland!”

“DNA 88 Is what's UP!! Lovin the music and the message..Keep those Hot Tracks coming...RESPECT!!”

“I'm feelin the tracks man, Hot Butter is where it's at. Keep doing ya do. ”

“I am feeling the vibe! Fresh sound you guys are bringing. Representing the Mid-West nicely... Keep bangin' "2gether We Rise!"”

“I like DNA 88 and RHYME OVER REASON. Very complex and tight.”

“Fantastic tracks! Two of my favorites are "DNA 88" and "Hold Me Down." Keep the words and music flowin' in 2013.”

“Hip Hop action from out of Cleveland, OH - Loved it - Keep it up <3”

“Lovin' your flow, real smooth, much luv and respect to you! XoXoX -LB-”

“Dope music DNA 88!!! M.L.F.L.(Much Love From London)”

“Fantastic work here....”

“Wow, thanks so much! Loved your music as well, feeling 'Dead or Alive'”

“Keep putting in that work. Jealous Rap Cats, still don't feel them #kool”

"Jealous Rap Cats" raw shit, I'm feelin n much support.

“The production and lyrics are tight...definitely sharing this.”

“I love what ya'll doing for the music scene on here...”

“Luv u guys' music....So awesome!”

“Dope sound, I'm feelin' the vibe...Keep goin in and keep me posted on what's new...I support the movement...”


“Nice work! Feelin' Hot Butter and The Crazies, smooth flow on hot beats.”

“Brilliant work guys. Very good vibes, all the best.”

“Mr. Telephone Man!!! Really liked this one!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

"Jealous Rap Cats" reminds me of older Wu-Tang..awesome... Best of luck!

"The Crazies" is sick...Keep blessin' the mic #100

“You guys have a very nice sound. Your vocals and music are so smooth, great beats also!”

"The Crazies"..."Inside", great tunes guys ! Inside I can feel, thanks guys:)

"Jealous Rap Cats" #sotru

“DNA 88 is so tight!!”

“Ya'll boyz nice. Flow & Beats...Madd respect.”

“Ya'll got Barrs, I enjoyed Listening...Keep it Up...”

“Ill flows....bringing that real Hip Hop sound! Good Stuff!!”

“Great style and good flow! Greetings and respect from Heidelberg, Germany”

"Jealous Rap Cats that prefer dissin us" That's whats up. Ya'll got it, I'm a fan no doubt.

"Hot Butter, No Fresh Catch"..Awesome!!!! And the production is amazing.

“Heavy rap! There's a lot being said in your songs, nice 1! And thanks for your support guys!!”

“Love that kick drum on Hot Butter, No Fresh Catch and lyrics are dope!”

“Nice music. I really enjoyed "Inside."”

"Rhyme Over Reason" is dope! Instrumental is crazy and the lyrics are on the point. Definitely feeling this.

“OMG loved Hot Butter, No Fresh Catch!!!”

“Jealous Rap Cats!! My fav! #REALHIPHOP”

“The Crazies be going in! Keep doing work!”

“Hot Butter .... killin it. Dig what you're putting out! Keep it comin!”

“This is cool - I Like That Mr.Telephone Man!!! Niceeee!”

“I think your music is crazy cool,keep up the great job. Much love and support,keep doing your thing.”

“Damn!!! The Crazies is HOT!!!”

“'Mr Telephone Man' is massive and intense.I'm feeling it.Great job here guys.Kudos!!! I'll be back for more; I know there's more where 'Mr Telephone Man' came from.”

“DNA 88. Awesome lyrics and brilliant delivery. Family is forever. Very cool.”

“Not hard to spot a true Wordslinger baby! The cream always rises. Keep on keepin' on. Peace. ”

“Hot Butter, No Fresh Catch has a great kick off and good lyrics. Best wishes with your music.”

“Dear wonderful friend, Very very Cool vibes, Impressive! Absolutely love your world. Peace & Love, Ryo”

“DNA 88 = awesome!!! Will be back for more...”

“Mean music. Awesome sound and production bro. Keep it up.”