2000 Tons of TNT / Press

“The band moves effortlessly—if frenetically—from the title track’s shuffling instrumental reggae, which would not feel out of place on a Trojan Records compilation, to “Shot in the Dark,” the raw stomp of which recalls UK garage band The Prisoners and ’60s mod/psych stormers The Creation. Elsewhere, organ-led instrumentals grind like the earliest days of Acid Jazz as purveyed by Prisoners alumni The James Taylor Quartet, while “Cleansing Sound” conjures ’80s garage soul outfit Makin’ Time. These disparate flavors and colors have made it difficult to define the band, which took its name from a rare 1969 reggae instrumental by The G.G. Rhythm Section. “That’s why we say we’re a band that interprets the music of late-’60s Jamaican and Britain through an American lens. ’Cause when I say we’re an American reggae band, people say, ‘You don’t sound like Sublime.’””

“SoCal's 2000 Tons of TNT have dropped an exceedingly smart and powerful debut--Reggae Mysteria--that mixes the soulful/funky/latin dirty reggae of The Beatdown, The Caroloregians, and The Bullets with the revved up, rough-around-the-edges garage rock of old skool bands like The Fleshtones or The Lyres. In keeping with the spirit and form of late 60s JA and UK skinhead reggae, Reggae Mysteria contains a healthy serving of pack-the-dancefloor instrumental tracks (see "Reggae Mysteria," "Cougar Communion," or the incredible "Theme for Ambu"--someday, I'd like a tune this good written about me!), moodier set pieces ("Tiger Uppercut," "Electric Pyramid," and "Rabo de Toro" ["Oxtail Stew"]), and a series of fantastic vocal cuts that are more about evoking emotional states of mind than conveying linear stories or political points of view... You may not be familiar with the band, but 2000 Tons of TNT's Reggae Mysteria is an album all fans of ska and reggae should get to know”

“San Diego, CA has birthed a mysterious and wickedly ruthless organ-drenched band of misfits. Forming early last year the band took their name from an early Reggae skinhead anthem released on Trojan Blue Cat in 1969 by the G.G. All-Stars. Only playing a few select gigs after forming, they quickly jumped into the studio and earlier this year released their debut collection. The band has it’s pulse firmly pumping to early Reggae pioneers such as The Upsetters, Symarip, The Pioneers and labels such as Trojan and Pama as well as more modern masters such as The Aggrolies, The Revivers, The Impalers and The Delirians. There’s also just a hint, a dash, of 60′s surf-rock thrown in the mix. The collection Reggae Mysteria includes 11 mostly instrumental tunes. There is enough variety in the compositions to make the album not feel forced or redundant though.”

"Here finally the first real album Two Thousand Tons of TNT ... (Well, well, the same name as the famous song of GG All Stars, a coincidence?) The band from San Diego, California, clearly marked in early-reggae style, has just released her album "Reggae Mysteria" self-produced, comprising 11 titles which currently is available on the net via bandcamp for $ 8. It would be a shame to miss out!"

"San Diego, CA band 2000 Tons Of TNT have just released their brand new debut album Reggae Mysteria. The band blends the rhythms of late 60′s and early 70′s Jamaica and Britain with their appreciation of many other styles. 2000 Tons of TNT come right out of the gates with this heavy hitting debut. I’m looking forward to hearing more where this came from!"

"2000 Tons of TNT brings it hard! Their new album Reggae Mysteria is hot! Blasting full of Soul & Reggae from start to finish. Get it while it's HOT!"

“They are numerous. The early reggae bands with the roughen, severe organ sound, a crunchy guitar and lots of pizzicato. 2000 Tons of TNT are an American version, which is currently offering their album Reggae Mysteria. Soul Beat and I hear out there, a psychedelic rock voice and a lot of 60s flair. Not only for reggae purists so an option for a rough reggae band more. In Europe, we know that sound currently mainly from France: Bobby Sixkiller, 65 Mines Street, The Branlarians other and each provide their contributions to Rough Reggae current hour. But Los Granadians and The Hypocondriacs from Spain, Los aggro tone from Argentina or The Harmonauts from Canada contribute to the hype this scene. Maybe someone should make a sampler on Contemporary Early Reggae and the individual facets to bring to bear accordingly. For it is rather small, yet subtle differences that distinguish these bands apart. In the band from San Diego, it is mainly the psychedelic touch that is not only in the organ.”

“Heavily supported by members of the ska community, 2000 Tons' guerilla style of booking shows has worked out for them. Without demos or press kits, Inumerable is surprised they are booked as heavily. Most shows are arranged through e-mails and by venues wanting repeat performances. "They [2000 Tons] are the newest promising ska/ rock steady/ reggae band penetrating the scene, hitting all the genres, and transcending all the genres," said August Christman of Skank-Out Booking and Promoting. When it comes to the music, Andreoli suggests listeners, "take it for what it is."”